Terrence “Baby Wipes” Howard Sleeps With His Teddy Bear

Terrence Howard's Teddy Bear

HSK Exclusive – A former girlfriend of actor Terrence Howard sent into HSK, a picture showing the Hustle and Flow star sleeping with his favorite teddy bear.

Here’s what Terrence Howard former girlfriend had to say:

“Terrence is an abusive man but he slept with his teddy bear every night we were together.”


  1. Maybe he didn’t. Maybe he did. But that skank set this picture up to embarrass him. Which is overkill because he’s an embarrassment to himself just walking around. Anyway you can tell she put the bear there and snapped a pic. He’s not holding it in any way. If it was a “Wubby” it wouldn’t be so new looking. He’s a creep anyway.

  2. That teddy bear is adorable. I sleep next to a small collection of stuffed animals. Big deal. Its socially acceptable for adults to sleep next to random people nightly, but not a teddy bear?!. God bless us all. Lol

    • Amen Bella! Tori, BoBo, and Junior damn show sleep with me! In fact, when I was pregnant with my son 14 years ago, that was the only I could sleep!

      • Those pillows that look like stuffed animals that are in the shape of The Avengers, Hello Kitty, Dora, etc. are some of the best pillows around. $19.99 pillows from the children’s department at Target enable me to sleep better than $250/piece Tempurpedic pillows. Go figure.

  3. Terrence Howard has issues, like most insecure blackmen. Teddy Bears are childhood memories taken into adulthood. Ain’t nothing weird about it, but, he’s too old for this activity. Hollywood is a beast, not for little boys…Exhibit A.

    • Is it possible to purchase more dick? Does that operation exist? If it does he needs to go ahead and make that happen.

      • R, it is possible. There are penile enlargement surgeries. The same way women can get breast implants, men can get penile or testicular implants. I saw a documentary on HBO years ago about men and penis sizes. There was a very attractive, muscular white man in his 50’s who had an implant. He had the best looking penis of all of the men interviewed.

  4. Obvious set-up, that look like “someone” staged it. So what if he sleep with a teddy – no biggy…lets talk about all them “adult babies” who still suck their fingers.

  5. Cant imagine that this is the same man talking ish like Wesley Pipes while making a female gag on his member in a car on a previous thread. Probably doing Nola from Hustle and Flow fantasy cosplay. Wonder if he wears footie pajamas and sleeps with a nightlight?

  6. Yea he has issues, anyway I think he’s on the DL. Like most of hollyweird. They all are Gay for Pay. All of them

  7. His girlfriend is wrong for this. Looks like he was sleeping and she placed the bear there. The bear looks brand new so it can’t be his favorite already. He must not be giving her enough money and she is starting the set up process. I hope he sees it coming and get rid of her. Men are so stupid. Men need to stop getting these beautiful women that that really can’t get unless they have money. Dummies!

  8. Maybe he has a bad personality when hes having break outs? I heard it hurts. .I imagine that can make someone cranky

  9. What’s tragic is that this bullsh*t is considered news…. Jilted ex.. places bear near sleeping ex boyfriend/lover and decides to post it..This sh*t is H.S.

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