LAPD Mistakes Wyclef for Burglary Suspect

Wyclef Jean blasted cops in L.A. for slapping the cuffs on him overnight, thinking he was an armed robbery suspect.

Wyclef and 2 female passengers, one of them his manager, were pulled over by L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies around 1:30 AM in West Hollywood. Law enforcement sources tell us his vehicle matched the description of a car used in an armed robbery right around the same time, in the same neighborhood — and Wyclef was wearing a red bandana … also matching the suspect description.

One of Wyclef’s passengers shot video of him blasting LAPD for detaining him. We’re told wyclef and his passengers were released once deputies realized there were no women with the real suspect.


  1. I was on the highway pushing a black viper
    A car pulls up, is he a jack or a sniper (sniper)
    A blue range rover, he says pull over
    I didn’t know he was a DT undercover
    I screamed out my lungs
    “This is discrimination!
    What’s the charge?”
    He said you just robbed a gas station
    Who me? not me! it couldn’t be
    I was in the Grammys with Brandy
    Didn’t you see me on TV?
    Bullshit, y’all all in the same gang
    He tried to run me off the road
    Like he was Rosco P. Coltrane

    – Wyclef (“Apocalypse”, The Carnival)

    SIDE NOTE: Interesting how people didn’t comment on this story (suspect)

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