Is Sade Next on Drake’s Hit List?

drake sade

Drake posted a picture of himself posing with his mother and Sade on his Instagram with the caption, “Two very important ladies in my life.”

Do you think Sade’s up next on the rapper’s hit list now that he’s done with J-LO?


  1. nope! its probably a record he’s helping sade make or vice versus. drake is low brow for sade. moving on, nothing to see here, next…and rolling my eyes!

  2. Stop it! Helen has a longtime live-in boyfriend or what some would consider a common law spouse. He’s a former military man and scientist. Together, they raised his son and Sade’s daughter in Cotswold Hills. Basically, there is no story here. LOL!

    • Funny how wiki has wiped out information on her personal story. It’s all the professional stuff. But yes, Drake is a next to the ladies poser.

  3. Drake got all these pics with women you know he got no relations with. His pr tea, working hard to prove he’s straight

  4. Stop please stop this with this mess! everybody and they grandmama know drake like his fudge packed in others words drake is so gay its sweats out his pours drake dont wont non these women not interested in them at all unless theirs a man their connected to or around them.

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