Lamar Odom Tells Khloe To Leave If She Keeps Banging James Harden

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Lamar Odom has learned that Khloe Kardashian is back with James Harden and he’s had enough with her.

After Lamar survived his drug-fueled coma, he reconciled with his estranged wife, Khloe, or at least they put off the divorce.  It’s been revealed that “Khloe and James [Harden] never broke up,” and that the Rockets 2 guard was just giving his girl time with her ailing ex.

During this trying time, Odom has leaned on Khloe for support and thought that her calling off the divorce meant they would be getting back together.  Now L.O. has grown suspicious and wants to know what’s up with his wife and her bearded boy.

“Lamar keeps asking everyone about Khloe’s new guy James.”

The former Laker has given his “wife” the go-ahead to leave his bedside and live her life, but he didn’t plan for her to jump back in the sheets with Harden.   With so much on his plate with his physical rehab, which includes dialysis, Odom can’t deal with the mess of Khloe and James.  He’s given her an ultimatum and said to “just leave him alone” if she continues to knock boots with James.


  1. Please you ain't saying nothing new you just recycling from that famous page "VC" its so funny to see kneegrows up in here flossing like they brand new and invented that shit. At least quote your f*cking source. Some black males are closeted chumps that that asshole with the beard and others are closerted chumps like that asshole who has a whore house tape with a trans, hanging over his head.

  2. Lamar needs to be more concerned with his health but he worried about who khloe sleeps with told you hesvp*ssywhooped

    • Lamar isn't p*ssy whipped cause he's bi! He's just another OJ Simpson wimp ass brotha.

  3. Not true. Lamar can't walk or talk. He is brain damaged beyond the ability to tell Khloe anything, assuming he even knows who she is.
    Please HSK- you're better than this.

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