Caitlyn Jenner Called “Insult To Trans People” By #IAintCait Group

caitlyn jenner trans insult

Caitlyn Jenner was confronted by an angry mob after giving a keynote address in Chicago.  She was a guest at the Chicago House, which is a group in the Midwest that supports “those impacted by HIV/AIDS and/or LGBTQ marginalization.”

The event had 1,000 in attendance, but it was the group outside the luncheon that made the most noise.  Carrying megaphones they berated Jenner by yelling “you are an insult to trans people – you are an insult to women!”

caitlyn jenner trans insult 2

Jenner lost her cool and had a heated exchange with a few members, and had to be held back.  The group calls themselves ‘I Ain’t Cait’ and feel that Cait is a misrepresentation of the typical transgendered person.

On their Facebook page they write “Caitlyn Jenner, who lives in a mansion and has a net worth of millions of dollars, while the average trans person has a 41 percent chance of experienceing homelessness.”


  1. I knew it was just a matter of time before the trannies turned on Cait. They feel that they have been out there suffering for years, and she comes along and is instantly Miss Trans America.

    Jealousy in action.

    • Not jealousy just the realization that Cait is a republican white man wearing a wig. I watched his E special until I heard the 'White Man' in him come out. On Ellen he was still basically still against gay marriage (He's coming around to it SMFH). On his show he was talking the white 'pull yourself up by your bootstraps' argument COMPLETELY IGNORANT of the hurdles and discrimination that most transgenders experience. He is so out of touch with the community that he DOESNT represent them in any way. I dont think he even said a word about the anti-trans HERO legislation that just passed in Texas. He so out of touch its gotta be as painful for trans to watch has as it is for me to watch blacks that trumpet their love for the Confederate flag (there's a black women that says it represents her!!).

  2. These people have a right to be upset. Bruce is able to transition from being a white male athlete to a so called white woman. Bruce has all the privileges in the world as opposed to those who do not have the resources to become what they want to be. He will not experience what it is to be shunned. Also, CA IT is not a woman. Its time to stand up to this brainwashing because I am not drinking their Koolaid. No matter how many surgeries Bruce has, he will be a man in women's clothing. Gtfoh with this bullshit. This disgusts me.

    • I absolutely agree. He still has a penis and a prostate so how exactly is he able to identify as woman. What are kids being taught at school? 'men have a penis – but sometimes women do too …'

  3. Brucilla is a fraud just like Kardashian family. This was all an agenda that's being pushed down everybody's throats.

  4. Wonder if he did this voluntarily or was it a tradeoff. He changed his name legally so Bruce (the one in the accident) doesn't exist anymore. Bought boobs. Did this make a difference so he couldn't be charged? He has crossdressed for years in private. Was he afraid his secret would get out so he came out? Do they keep him drugged up so he doesn't know who or what the f##k he is? It's all an illusion for some purpose that benefits the PWB and the puppets they reward!

  5. He's phony as a 3 dollar bill a 65 year old white MAN republican with breast implants but kept his penis. Oh right he's a real woman. f*ck outta here. He's been cross dressing for decades he's not trans he's a gay man wanting to front that dick in public without scorn as a common oridinary homosexual. You sir are just another gay white man- with issues nothing more. And all gay men don't have this issue he does cause he wants to beat the women in his family in the fame game.

    • I believe that he is an autogynephile as opposed to a gay man. But you are correct in that he has the brain of a white Republican male. That in itself would turn the trans women off majorly.

  6. Dude just make like an ostrich and buried head underground. How in the hell he supposed to be about the movement when he is not supporting the "actual" movement?

  7. Bruce white fag goes with anothet white fag swear he is a lesbian to promote the gay agendabthey gabe the bitch a grammy and made himbwoman of the year whoever behind the scene who support this is a sick gay bitch bruce never suffered real issues hisbmoney make everuthing better f*ck the ho he just tired of being in the closetband wanted to lwt eveeybody know he like dick

  8. The trans right's movement is the snake eating its own tail. They finally get a high profile person who the public admires, because regardless of the Kardashian years the white public will always think of Jenner as the hero on the Wheaties box, and instead of thanking their lucky stars, they are now paying a self destructive game of "I did it first!!" and "you didn't suffer as much as I did!!"

    Trans women are a sad and sorry lot.

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