Kirk Franklin Responds To Plies’ Invitation To ‘Make It Rain’ For KOD Strippers!

Plies vs. Kirk Franklin

Recent testimony from Plies reveals the rapper’s yearning to haul Kirk Franklin over to the King of Diamonds strip club in order to “baptize” the singer in a sea of single dollar bills. It’s a statement that’s prompted Kirk Franklin to file an insta-comeback.

Check the word:

“Y’all tell @plies that the album is called “Losing My Religion” not “Lost My Religion” #SeeYouInChurch!”


  1. Losing his religion hell kirk been lost his religion hes a sex addict he watches porn he bought sex from female and trans hookers he like to watchnhis wife guck other men and women yeah and thats half of it

    • Are you serious about Kirk? Now I was told from a friend who counsels molested children that she has counseled young men who were molested by Kirk Franklin. Now for some reason, Kirk did always give me that pedo vibe.

      • Yes kirk admitted he watches his wife have sex with other men and women snd yes kirk said he used to go to pien theatres and let anybody suck his dick whether they was man or woman

  2. *****OFF TOPIC****
    It's all over the web about Charlie Sheen & HIV. I think he is going to have an interview about it tomorrow. U probably won't get credit for this story Jacky. But I believe u broke the story first awhile back. I'm not judging Charlie. I really do pray for him and his children.

  3. All the drugs charlie did plus all the male and female hookers he slept with who is shocked by this oh yeah white folks

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