Lamar Odom Is Back Using Heroin

lamar odom drugs crack

Lamar Odom has fallen off the wagon AGAIN and is back hitting the pipe, along with doing a bit of heroin.

Recently, two of Lamar’s close friends have died from drug usage.  That coupled with LO seeing his ex-wife parade all around with her new NBA boyfriends, makes for really tough times for the two time NBA champion.

His friend, Jamie Sangouthai, died recently when he developed a severe infection from using unclean needles for his drug habit.  There’s reports that not long before Jamie died, he and Odom stayed at a Best Western in Los Angeles and there was evidence they had been using black tar heroin.

Friends of the former NBA player are becoming increasingly worried that he’ll end up like Sangouthai, or their mutual friend, Bobby Heyward who also died from drug use.

And while he’s assured friends he’ll seek treatment, Lamar’s strange behavior, slurred speech and mood swings are making those close to him increasingly worried. “His friends are scared that he’ll wind up like his friend Bobby Heyward and Jamie,” the pal says.

After his friends died, Lamar was seeking comfort from Khloe Kardashian, but these days she’s too busy with James Harden to care much.  This could lead to him really spiraling out of control.


  1. Damn khloe doesnt want him, his exgirl dont want him, hes down and out his friends dying out yall gonna say the katdashians messrd him up drugs arw a mf

    • @CrazyChris

      The kardasihan used up Lamar, like a tampon!!
      Kris probably ordered Khole to date Lamar, remember Khole was dating another “black” basketballer who cheated on her. Kris probably got him black listed for cheating on Khole.
      I don’t know his name.

  2. Well he started f*cking up once he got with them witches !!
    They sure cast some mean spells !

  3. Lamar is to blame for his down fall, He should never of ditched his ex baby mama (who ironically looks like Khole) to add salt to injury Lamar marries Khole.
    They only been taking for 2 month? He should of married his Baby mam instead, they have been together for while. But he marries khole, who he hardly knows

    Then, they do that stupid realty show, Khole was acting high and mighty toward Lamar’s died friend Jamie. She wasn’t nice to him at all.

    Lamar you only have yourself to blame, you chooses to marry the fat faced thot and her wacky family

    It’s karma pure, and simple.

    Black men, please take note! when black women are warning you about white women, you don’t listen! they only date rich successful black men to bring them down! to ruin their careers, and image

  4. @ TainoBoriqua

    Maybe because, Lamar is broke, and he can’t afford Netflix, the Kardashian bleed him dry with all his money!

    sooner or later, Lamar is going to end up looking like his father

  5. LOL @Woman Who Cares. That and that pricey little think called CRACK COCAINE, took all his endzzz.

    • Lamar’s father, looks like Smokey from the PJ’s (cartoon comedy about a black care taker, who look after an apartment building)

      Lamar probably hasn’t got a pot to piss in, let alone watch old cheap movies from blockbuster it’s so 90’s

  6. CTFU!!!!@Smokey from the PJ’s. I remember that Eddie Murphy toon.
    I come from McKinley Projects in the South Bronx, and BOY do I know a trillion Smokey’s!!
    Lamar gettin his favorite get high movies on, for when he’s suckin’ his glass dick/pipe. That’s why he got about 5 movies in that bitch bag, he plans on getting high for AT LEAST 10 hours straight.

  7. Stop making excuses for grown ass adults. This is why balck males are under achieving now, it’s not the Kardashians that did this, this is All Lamar’s fault. Nobody put a gun to this nigga head and forced him to smoke crack and use herion. It’s a shame, but he made these choices and he is gonna have to fix it alone.

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