Lala and Carmelo Split Because Carmelo Got Another Woman Pregnant?

According to someone who is close to this situation, Lala and Carmelo Anthony are done due to not-so Melo allegedly knocked up another woman.

It just dropped about the two being separated but not why they spilt. The girl name is Mia. The source says that Carmelo bought her a condo.

Stay tuned!


    • She’s LeBron’s girl…remember her Instagram photo of his jersey number scrawled on her stomach with whipped cream. Skanks!

      ps: she’s passed around a lot so she was probably doing them both.

  1. If this is true then shame on him. I’m not condoning cheating, but men, please stop leaving hard evidence pertaining to your infidelity I.e. a bastard. Why don’t we ever hear about women cheating on their husbands and getting knocked up? Is it because we are smarter?

    • NO its because women LIE better and will stick an innocent man with another nikka’s baby. About 25% of births are seeded by a “on the side” dude. Its the reason courts make innocent fathers pay child support for kids that arent theirs. If you’ve raised the kid the 10 years then find out they wont let you drop support for the child once you accept them as yours. The 25% rate is so high that you would end up with 1 out of every 4 kids without support. Men have a VERY small window to get out of the deal after the child is born. MEN: Swab your kids cheek and get a personal DNA test if you have **ANY** Doubt!! (I did and busted a woman trying to do the same to me)

    • True, there was rumors floating off and on for years about their rocky relationship. There was a salacious one that I found unbelievable!

  2. Beeeeeeen cheating on her……..I think she wanted more than what the relationship was really all about. That reality show was disturbing his groove.

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