Lakers Deactivate Swaggy P “He’s Not Here With Us Mentally”

nick young deactivated lakers

Swaggy P was put on the inactive list for the Lakers amid his most recent cheating scandal.

Lakers’ coach Byron Scott said Swaggy is so effed up in the head, he can’t even focus on the game of basketball!

“It has everything to do with just basketball. Right now, I know what he’s going through, and I know it’s hard on him. But he’s not here with us, mentally, and there’s no need for me to put him out there on the floor,” ~ Byron Scott

Swaggy was put on the inactive list right before the team’s Sunday loss to the Celtics.

He has been hit with L after L, and it all started when his teammate, D’Angelo Russell secretly filmed him as he spilled his own tea about cheating on Iggy last summer.

The two have since pumped the breaks on their wedding. Even though Iggy is still wearing the engagement ring he bought her, we think she’ll be pulling the plug on their relationship pretty soon.

Do you feel sorry for Swaggy’s cheating azz?


  1. Well, I just read a response from somebody here who straight called this one. I don't remember who it was but they called it on the money. So much so I'm actually shocked.

    • It may have been me I said she was going to ride and he is a dumbass who is getting schooled by the man they showed him exactly what they think of him.

      You older black man need to be mentoring these boys because they have no damn sense they get a few dollars in their pocket thinking they are white boys oh hell no that's not how it works.

      Another coon got schooled.

    • @Cal Soul I predicted that Young would be traded from the Lakers with the quickness, because that's what my sports agent-atty husband told me would happen. Is that what you were referencing from the previous Swaggy P- Russell thread?

      He said that the Lakers management needs to get him away from Russell, who is their only hope for the future, before he messes up DeAngelo's head. He told me that the locker room has pretty much forgiven Russell and thrown their allegiance to him; because they want to win and gain back their old reputation. Nick Young can't help with that, but Russell can.

      In other words: it's just business.

  2. Fckn up Ur fo sho p*ssy try a get some more p*ssy you end up with no p*ssy-devin the dude

  3. He needs to keep his money on his mind, their relationship WON'T LAST!!! Is all for show, their using each other sex and money, not love!

    • Actually that white bitch could do better than him I don't know why she dated down she's a white woman she can get all sorts of upper class men. She used him like the Kardashian's used Kanye just put her name on the map.

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