Kylie Headed to Jail Over Tyga’s Legal Matters?

kylie tyga jail

Kylie Jenner has found herself caught up in a legal matter…and it all has to do with her boyfriend, Tyga.

TMZ reports Kylie is at the center of Tyga’s “financial nightmare,” and she’s being forced to give details of all of the expensive luxury gifts he has purchased for her.

Since Tyga owes so many people money, lawyers for jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills wants a list of all of the items Tyga has gifted her. The jeweler is owed $200K, so it doesn’t make sense why Tyga would be blowing cash on things like a tacky Gucci purse and a brand new $190K Maybach for Kylie. It’s kinda like when your friend owes you $500, they refuse to pay you back, but you see them in the club every weekend buying bottles. It just ain’t right!

The jeweler’s lawyers are set to privately meet with Kylie and Tyga within the next few weeks. If neither of them show up to the meeting, the legal team is ready to push to have them both arrested!

This law firm ain’t playin with Tyga’s broke azz. They’re the same lawyers who issued a warrant out for his arrest when he skipped out on a court date and jetted off to Kylie’s 19th birthday party in Turks and Caicos instead.

Do you think Tyga’s sugar mama Kylie will have to pay this $200K jewelry debt to make this problem go away?


  1. They wont show. They will settle. Kylie STILL trickin' with this BROKE AS A JOKE Nikka.

  2. Finally someone is going after him using the courts. I don't know why the rest don't go ape $hit to get their money. Further more, I don't know why anyone would do business with him even on credit. He won't pay. He won't pay his rent, nothing. I wonder if he pays Chyna child support.

  3. Hold the hell up! They can't make her tell them how he got the money to " allegedly" buy her stuff. And they damn sure can't arrest her either. That's Tyga's problem, not hers! She can easily beat this nonsense by telling them she bought the gifts( which we all know is true) and saying he got those gifts for her.

    • It's TMZ tho & they publish anything they are paid to by the Koven. Nothing will happen. Never has, never will

  4. All a publicity stunt. They can't arrest her for what he did. NEXT…

    • @Chris!.. Yeah he must, because he's slaying these hoes!…Then again, you can't go by the hoes that he's been with, because Black Chyna is about that shmoney, and Kylie juyjuyst loves Black dick, so either way it's meh!

    • Mike may want to have a sit down with Suga Free to discuss the many ways & means of him tightening his game since this bullshit sherade has now been labeled….pimping?

  5. The real question that they should ask Kylie is " why are you with this bottom feeder?" "What kind of dirt does he have on you?"

    • He got in while she was young & impressionable and her self esteem was still forming. Think bey and jay (except jay wasn't a broke leech lol). I've heard many guys say want a young girl to "mould" her into what they want and have more control.

    • He ain't ain't no prize. But, I don;t see anyone else begging to be in photos on her instagram page.

    • The same reason CACs consistently try to steal and bastardize our art. CACs SUCK and want to leech off everything in existence. This dusty dude gives this manface CAC a career for doing nothing. Other manface CAC whores want to live vicariously through this CAC. They all wanna climb on a black dude because CAC men SUCK.

  6. Chyna said on the show Tyga only helps with paying for Kings nanny. These women could do so much better. Tyga is a joke. Thankfully Chyna has her own money.

  7. Like I said Tyga better hurry up and knock this girl up. When she gets tired of him he can always fall back on the child support hustle.

  8. What kinda headline is this!?? You know good and damn well that a white escort is not going to jail over some bills a black pimp owes.

  9. I'm still trying to figure out how you wake up next to that whore and get excited. She looks like a man. She legit looks like a man, not a male, but a grown ass man that smokes menthol cigs.

    Tyga must be gay.


  11. Kylie don't care about jail anything to be down. Next thing u know this bitch gone get out and be on Instagram takin Selfies with cornrolls callin herself Lil Cub!

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