Jim Carrey Accused of Giving Ex STDs, Triggering Her Suicide

jim carrey ex girlfriend stds suicide

Jim Carrey’s relationship with his late girlfriend, Cathriona White, is turning into a nightmare. Not only is the actor the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit filed by Cathriona’s estranged husband, but he’s also being accused of triggering her September 2015 suicide.

Cathorina was found dead in her apartment after overdosing on prescription pills, including Ambien and oxycodone. The bottles were prescribed to a “fictional male” named Arthur King— an alias reportedly used by the comedian who she had been dating off and on since 2012.

Cathriona’s estranged husband, Mark Burton, is suing Carrey for supplying her with the pills, and he claims her suicide was triggered after Jim gave her a few STDs.

In the lawsuit, Mark says Cathriona had a text convo with Jim in February 2013 where she told him she had contracted Herpes Type I, Herpes Type 2 and Gonorrhea from him.

According to TMZ, Jim tried to pressure Cathriona to keep quiet about her diagnosis, which she did.

Before committing suicide, Cathriona allegedly wrote a ltter to Jim saying the STDs would make it impossible for her to find someone new after their most recent breakup, and she referred to herself as “damaged goods.”

Mark has come with the text messages to show proof that the convo went down.

Messy, messy, and very f***** up if this is indeed true.

Here’s Cathriona’s final tweet:



  1. Fuck that evil sack of shit carrey. Last time he was on SNL he played elvis as a devil or some such shit. I am sure the clip is on youtube…

    I would not at all be surprised if she was a sacrifice and to all the people who hate that word, in some cases that shit is real.

    He def got the herps from jenny mc….you know her name if not before then and who knows who gave his rank ass gono…

    • She was a sacrifice. Carey has even been exposed for trying to cover up her death by hiding drugs and sending a phony text message, even while knowing she was dead.

    • So, Rubberface man gave her the Poison and the Stick-Around-Gang? And then got her addicted to pills to cope and dismissed her and tossed he out like common trash after he had his fill? But he still gave her pills after dumping her? How evil. I officially think that Hollywood is filled with wild animals masquerading as humans. Straight up demon-possessed behavior. Disgusting.

      • Yes yes, you got it!…They all sleerp with one another, and spread herpes rampantly!… The actress Anne Heche was raped by her father, from the time she was about 3 months to 6 years old! He gave her herpes too, her own biological dad! She was in a relationship with Ellen Degenerate! This is how they do, its a Jewish mystic cabal, and thery kill for sport!

      • Yes yes, you got it!…They all sleerp with one another, and spread herpes rampantly!… The actress Anne Heche was raped by her father, from the time she was about 3 months to 6 years old! He gave her herpes too, her own biological dad! She was in a relationship with Ellen Degenerate! This is how they do, its a Jooish mystic cabal, and they kill for sport! He's going to get away with it, because he's a high ranking Hollywood nut!

  2. jim had her killed she did not kill herslef the same shit said about robin williams they were killed

    • Idiot. Robin Williams' autopsy proved that he was suffering from a form of dementia which is worse than Alzheimers and he would have been unable to recognize anyone and speak within two years. He didn't want to go through that and neither would most people.

      • And of course you're just stupid enough to believe the "official" report given to you by the mainstream media. You are a laughable caricature of yourself.

        • Chile! People act like these nuts in power, aren't smart enough to have doctors, lawyers, judges, and every rank on lock! They think like f*cking peasant's! The educated peasants are thee absdolute worst, because their logic was given to them, by the very devil that's devouring them, and they believe his crap! They're taught what to think, not how to think!.. It's a rudimentary science, that the average idiot, will never decipher!???

  3. I'm not saying it was a sacrifice. But when I first read the story after she died coupled with Jim's reaction to her death, it just seemed off.

  4. It's been said for some time that Jim Carey is the high satanic priest of LA, hollywood industry, and this was likely his sacrifice. His off reaction, him getting on SNL and jokingly mocking the whole satanic/hollywood illuminati(which they do often), and the fact that he sent a phony text to her phone all while knowing she was dead the entire time; he basically exposed himself. These people are sick, and hopefully they take him down. They likely won't since he's protected, but it's worth a shot.

      • Thinking about it honestly makes me angry sometimes. I guess it's just my strong penchant for justice lol.

        Thankfully Karma often catches up with these people, as it has been doing for a while lately.

  5. This is why you have to look at people very objectively and clinically. Jim Carrey is certifiable bat shit crazy. This girl, being an insider (wardrobe/makeup I think) should have know that he was a no go zone.

    Herp and Gono, and the man has access to the best doctors in the world? He is a sick irresponsible f*ck and if he did give her drugs, I hope he pays out big time!

    • You def have a point here, especially in that last statement. Like you stated, if this woman was a hollywood insider, she really should have known what he was all about; at least some inkling. Money doesn't rule out everything. Even with access to all the best healthcare in the world, they still get sick, die and spread the same diseases that plague everyone else. It's also telling that these people don't really have nearly the amount of power that they think they have.

      • The pharma companies are no longer treating STd's! Its another way to loiloiwer the birthrate!…Gonorrhea and chlamydia sterilizes the womnan, by causing scarring to the Fallopian tubes, if left untreated!…So they're simply distributing antibiotics that don't work, and telling patients that they have an incurable strain!…Masterful devils if you ask me! All the while, their killing off natural herbalists, and holistic doctors like Dr. Sebi!

  6. If he's so f*cking powerful over the Hollywood Illuminati, why in the f*ck couldn't he keep this quiet?

    You people are like some sort of backwoods rubes who read the tabloids and believe everything.

    • Don't say you people, speak to who is saying that specifically.

      This man is involved with some sick shit besides being a diseased pig…because going on national tv dressed as the devil in one skit and then talking about being a head member of the illuminati in another is not normal…when people tell you who the f*ck they are/ where their allegiance lies you better believe them.

      • You left out the part where "absolutely nothing will happen to him as a result of this issue…his life won't change one bit."

    • They have to allow themselves to be used for distractions, and now its Jim's turn! The young woman's parents aren't going to let their daughter's infector, get away with that shit!… He didn't berbert on that, but trust me, they'll be quited, soon enough!

  7. I agree with the tabloids comment. Bad sh*t happens to good people and good sh*t happens to bad people. There's no rhyme or reason to this. You will go crazy and spend half your life on YouTube trying to figure this out (and still be no closer). Thing is, once you get to know most of them, you realize these are sick, mentally imbalanced people who really don't live in reality (think I'm lying? Ask any of them to make a bed). Now throw drugs, booze, sex and power into the mix and that's when bad things start happening. Even though there is weird satanic crap goes on in the entertainment industry, most of them are Posers and Wannabees trying to fit in. There's never a sacrifice, ritual, etc. Just mentally f**ked up people making many bad decisions (or just one that either leads to their death or somebody else).

    • Agreed to an extent. He may be wishing he was in the "in crowd" but he is still telling you where his allegiance lies when he does what he did on SNL.

      And if you have some sense you can figure out the real from the fake, not everyone is a bag of confusion and some of us can see past the bullshit.

    • I agree with you except for the sacrifice part. There's a LOT of evidence to strongly suggest otherwise.

    • You do not know much if you believe there has never been a sacrifice. I live in LA and there are plenty of areas in the mountains where people have been taken.

      People ~ men, women and children come up missing every day and many are never found…you do the math.

  8. Why didn't he just tell her about the stds? And give her the choice whether she wanted to be with him. Jim Carey you're a selfish piece of you know what.

    • @Chris! He's a psycho! He grew up with an abusive alcoholic dad!….Drunks are Hella mean!…Any type of an addict is off, but drunks are "special"!

  9. Toxic males of all races love younger dumb women to corrupt them infest their souls soil them the male is ruined and needs to transfer his evil.

    • Yup!…And the sad thing is, when you try to warn these little dumb bitches, they call you a hater, and refuse to listen!…They like to learn the hard way, and sometimes that measns that your puss will forever be stank, and have pustules on it, and then you'll kill yourself! The moral to the story, don't f*ck anyone nowadays!

  10. Men I date wear condoms period. If they say they don't like condoms or condoms don't fit I dump them. Men who love to bareback have something to pass on either they want to trap you with a baby so he be connected to your wallet or he wants to pass on an STD.

    Young (black) chicks are dumb AF! No daddy or grand daddy their mamma ain't right so they think they know everything cause they watch reality shows.

    Jim knew he had the STD's he wanted to bareback for the feeling and he deliveratly chose to infect that poor girl cause he's evil as many men are.

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