Brad Pitt’s Fight With Son Led to FBI Child Abuse Investigation

brad pitt maddox child abuse angelina divorce

More details are being leaked about the in-flight confrontation that led to Angelina Jolie filing for divorce from Brad Pitt.

According to TMZ, Brad and Angie got into a confrontation on a private jet coming back from France. Their 15-year-old son Maddox jumped in to “verbally defend” his mom.

That’s when Brad “lunged at the boy,” and Angelina jumped in between them to block Brad. Brad is said to have “connected in some fashion” with his son.

Authorities were told Brad was drunk when the incident occurred, but Angie says he was sober at the time of the conflict, but got drunk later during the flight. She felt that filing for divorce was the only way to protect her kids from Brad’s angry outbursts.

The actor has denied any abuse, and sources say he has never acted aggressively toward the children – other than verbally. The FBI is currently evaluating the evidence to see if they will pursue an investigation.

Sounds like Maddox was jumping in between grown folk’s business and got his azz handed to him. The FBI is wasting everyone’s time with this one.


  1. Looks like to me that Hollywood is finally crumbling down! What's done in the dark, definitely will come into light!

  2. LOL Do y'all really think Ms Angelina who has no morals whatsoever would file for an entire divorce over her kids father hitting her kid? I mean look at charlize theron…Sean Penn abused poor jackson for ages until the neighbours called the cops before she pulled the plug on her relationship.
    I think if the flight incident was the real reason for this drama Angie would've rather separated from Brad, forced him to go to a no child smacking rehab for a while, not filed for divorce. And which normal parents don't get angry at their kids sometimes? Am I crazy?

      • Sh*tttt, where I live talk crazy to a black mom and her son standing there ; they will smack the water out of somebody.

  3. Good picture pick…he looks like if you don't get the f*ck outta my face!…lol.

  4. Maan people, this looks like Anjie don't discipline the kids and Brad was trynna do his manly duty and Anjie get her White girl on, "oh we don't straighten kids we give them time outs over the mansion n shiit" man please them little kids don't get any disciple they grow up spoiled little Brats and thats the truth. They disagree on how to disciple the kids, which is cool, White parents disciple their kids different which is why they end up going suicidal n shiit, Rich kids committing suicide is not new in hollywood.. Shiit Black parent would of put her ass on a real time out, kid would not be on his face like that again, you don't get involve in grown folks business, shiit I knew that shiit growing up.. Old Gramma or Pappy would of had their foot up yo asss if you did!!!! kids just need good disciple thats all. Anjie Spoiling they ass!!

    • This! Those kids need to be in school, with rules, bedtimes, their own rooms. She need to stop globe trotting into war torn countries just for a St. Angie photo-op. She putting her kids, herself and all the security protecting her insane ass in big danger. Kidnap will happen and when the parent are worth $400 million, you can bet some rebels gonna snatch they asses. Let me TRY to come at my mom or dad, hell even today they would sit my ass straight down.

  5. Forgive me but I hollered after reading this part.

    Sounds like Maddox was jumping in between grown folk’s business and got his azz handed to him. The FBI is wasting everyone’s time with this one.

  6. Ha! I don't' believe this story for a second. They always said that Brad is the tougher disciplinarian of the two. So why all of a sudden a divorce? Seems like a bait situation and Brad fell right into it. All this shit she is doing reeks of revenge. Either he cheated on her with multiples and got that side piece pregs or she caught him with a dude. You do not break up a 12 year relationship unless it is for something really major and you know these Hollywood types, each one is into crazier shit then the other.

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