Kurupt Kicks Son To The Curb For Gail Gotti?


HSK Exclusive – He’s known as Tha Kingpin … but it’s looking like Kurupt’s far from being H.N.I.C. of his castle. Know why? Dude’s reported to have chosen up with his lady … over his own son!

The tea we’ve been served spills Gail Gotti’s dislike for Kurupt’s 11-year-old son, Tren. You’ll recall … back in October 2012, the boy’s mother Natina Reed passed away in an Atlanta car accident. Our source says because Gail refuses to be the lil dude’s stepmother, Kurupt’s keeping his distance from his son!!!

Here’s the drop:

“Gail don’t like none of Kurupt’s kids that he had from previous relationships. Kurupt ain’t got no say, Gail is the boss.”



  1. Yeah, this story is BS. Tren is in my daughters 6th grade class in Valencia, Ca. His dad is around. No need to panic, people.

  2. LOL I believe this story!! It is truly sad and for Gail she still has hoodrat tendencies and makes like she has all this money but she does nothing she is on IG stealing pictures making it like she has it going on! she is too old for all that!

  3. tren my lil nephew , natina was my sister .. and tbh , the only the false about this is ricky kicking tren to the curb .. he aint do that , but everything else , i cant go against it .

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