Kris Jenner To Pull Chelsea Handler TV Takeover!

Kris Jenner vs. Chelsey Lately

HSK Exclusive – Move over Chelsea Handler… Kris Jenner could soon be filling your spot! A tipster exclusively tells HSK… E! execs are in discussions with the Kardashian momager, who’s apparently gearing up to pull a jack move on Handler’s last night talk show.

We’re told.. E! axed Handler last month. The network is now reported to be banking on the Kardashian’s H.B.I.C. to takeover.

Here’s what Kris Jenner tells HSK:

“I don’t know what you’re talking about but it’s sounds like a good idea”

Dig the drop:

“Kris Jenner failed at daytime television because daytime viewers aren’t her audience. Late night television viewers and Kris will bond and the executives over at E Channel know this.”


  1. What? I hope not. I’m rejoicing that the KUWTK series is just about over. So…Does she think daytime viewers go to bed at 8pm???. I stay up to watch Kimmel, Fallon, occasionally Arsenio. Wild horses couldn’t drag me to a television set to watch this woman advertise her daughter’s sexual prowess. She needs to just stick to pimping her children and getting 20% of their escort fees.

  2. Kris is great on TV, I think it could be a good fit for her, loved her on her guest role on The Talk

  3. Chelsea is trash. She should have been banned. I hope that she receives bad karma in return for her bad, disgusting behavior.

  4. Who Cares? E! can rep for Kris Jenner day and night, she still a pathetic soul. Let them continue with the circus, the hole gets deeper and deeper.

    • Yeah. That’s the same thing people keep saying about Mr and Mrs Camel but they stay getting richer and more famous every week. When is all this karma going to kick in? Kris is a master PR maven and she has the golden ticket in her brood of moneymaking attention grabbing hoes.

      • @Anonymous

        Her charade is not gonna last forever. Kris is only relevant because of Kim and Khloe. She uses blackmen and our culture as a buffer. This is why she can’t get off the idiot box. Don’t worry, her day is coming.

  5. bruce will be a woman like he always wanted to be.

    we get to see kanye and kims married life.

    and his wack song talking about what he won.

    and kanye gets a religion by a bunch of crazy fans who thinks he’s the messiah.

    wonder will a bunch ofg fools start a religion based on kim.

  6. Oh Lord Pleazzzze!! I cannot stand that woman. She is as fake as a three dollar bill and not the least bit funny. Big mistake to hire her. This family is going fast from being the more favorite to the most hated.


  8. Chelsea Handler is wack and fugly, her show was corrny and that white hag of a bitch got the nerve to shade at all her black guest. At least PMK won’t do that.

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