Kris Jenner Banned Caitlyn Jenner From Seeing Saint West

kris jenner caitlyn jenner

Kris Jenner is keeping her ex, Caitlyn Jenner, from seeing Kim Kardashian’s baby boy, Saint.

Still reeling from the embarrassment that Bruce-Caitlyn caused her, Grandma Kris is looking to inflict pain on her where it really hurts: family.  According to a source close to the Kardashian Klan, Kris is forbidding 66-year-old Caitlyn from spending any time with newborn Saint West.

kim kardashian saint west

Apparently, Saint’s mom, Kim Kardashian, isn’t the one calling the shots on who gets to see the baby, “Kris is the gatekeeper on Kim’s behalf when it comes to appointment times with the baby,” the source says about keeping Bruce at bay.

“She’s in charge of who comes and goes…As far as Kris is concerned Caitlyn has no business being at Kim’s bedside.”

This is a major push by the Kardashian matriarch to rid the family of Caitlyn.

Kim feels very uncomfortable about not letting the man who she grew up knowing as her stepfather meet her infant son, but, “Ultimately, Kim’s mom will always come first and Kris has really put her foot down,” said the source.

kris jenner caitlyn jenner saint

It may be a matter of not wanting her ex to profit over the family, as Kris has explicitly said, “She does not want Caitlyn cooing over Saint, especially if there are cameras in tow.”


  1. Nope she doesn't need another grandma around!
    Plus they damn near look alike!
    Confusing to the baby plus saints don't hang with Xmen !

  2. That is so evil. I am not a fan of that transformer at all. But he has been in their life for a long time he is their stepfather he gets to see the other kids why not this one Kris I hope you get what's coming to you.

  3. The whole family is confused. like for real.. She has 2 grandma's… if only Bruce was Bruce,. he needs to wake up from his mental state and come to his senses.. Transgenderism of whatever is a mental state, he needs psycological help to help him with this sickening feeling. When the kids ask North where's your grand dad, "aaah I only have 2 grand ma's… " smh confusing for kids,not even know what to even call them..

  4. This is one big ole hot mess! Kim and Kanyé need to grow up and have a f*cking backbone against Kris. When she laid with them and made they two kids? One big ole hot mess!

  5. But she is not embarrassing anyone when she had a child outside of her marriage, a group of daughters who can't keep their clothes on, or being caught up in public lying about even simple things?

  6. Kris' karma won't be pretty but as a master user herself, she knows Bruce will want cameras rolling for his own show when he meets the baby. Kris wants all that screen time for her show not Bruce. For a woman that is so contemptuous of Bruce for his choices, she sure is surrounded by people who are gay or bisexual.

    • Another in plain sight, trying to hide "anonymous" moron with the nerve to call the people in his own family out.

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