Benzino Dumps Althea – Threatens To Take Baby

benzino althea

Althea Heart went on a Twitter rant saying that Benzino not only kicked her to the curb, but he’s threatening to take full custody of their baby.

It’s been rumored for some time that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple were on the outs, and Althea confirmed it with some recent tweets.  Even before baby Zino arrived, people were saying that the two were done.  The two have struggled to stay together since being booted from LAHHA.

In a series of tweets that she later deleted she said:

benzino althea heart tweet

benzino althea heart tweet 2

Benzino definitely noticed the online outburst and fired a subtweet back before Althea deleted her tirade.

benzino althea heart tweet 3


  1. I think they are doing all of this to get picked up on their own reality show this is what you call screen testing. You will see them soon on either vh1,we TV, bet, tvone are own lol.

    • I think so too. I see Benzino is trying to break Kendra's record for appearing on every reality show ever aired. These ninjas just trying to stir up buzz for his new gig, the reality show with New York, Jennifer Williams and some other people. Bottomline…Zino and Thea need to have several.

  2. The only real thing about this MF on a fake show is that he is
    in NO way going to take a baby with him. Babies are cock-blocks
    and this story may also be fake. This guy like the others are
    coons caricatures who suffer from Stepin Fetchit/Mantan Moorehead (look them up)
    disease who are still suxing on the white man's d&^%.

    You black men (under the guidance of whites), make the entire
    world and your younger culture think that all black men act like
    you when that is not the truth!

  3. Babies sure are big business these days. I liked it when they weren't. Private lives were so much more classier.

    • You're so right but the days of "private lives" are long over.
      There's no such thing as keeping one's business to one's self anymore.

  4. But how do you have sex w/ HIM? Like, gross. Like, I'mma need to hit the toilet face first. Like, is there a window to escape out of?

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