1. K Michelle played herself by going on that ghetto reality show and embarrassing herself. If it’s true she lied on Memphiz abusing her then she got her KARMA! I doubt she has a major following in London.

  2. If she thought getting a fake ass and tits was going to boost her career she got a rude awakening. I thought she graduated from college. She better use that degree because the music industry is a joke.”

  3. if She think’s Idris Elba wants Her dusty digesting ass She can think again!, She dissed He on Wendall Williams

    most Black Men in England are stupid sell out’s, who think wrinkly White Women are the cats meow (but They age like gone off milk)

    • You are so right. That Caprice person looks like shit at 40 something. She claims 39, but she looks much older. White women are hideous aren’t they? Why would you want to look like Christie Brinkley at 60 when you could look like Oprah with no wrinkles.

  4. @Woman, She ain’t slick. I agree. Idris is not looking at her stupid ass. I don’t think she has a strong fan base there. Majority of the singers after the second or third album, most of them gets lost in the shuffle or not down with the program of the tptb.

  5. I don’t blame her. Black people in England have more appreciation for their culture. It’s not a ratchet black culture over there. Over here you gotta constantly be ratchet and doing gimmicks like arguong on love and hip hop and fighting on social media. Americans have low attention spans these days. I guess its due to all the GMO foods that are allowed here in the US for everyday consumption being eaten on a daily basis. Its banned in England but by the way.

    Yes K Michelle move to London! That’s a very good plan.

  6. WE AINT SURPRISED! that industry is weird as hell. we seen alot of REAL talent come and go omg MC Hammer convinced us 5 years ago that the devilish GOVERNMENT is controlling the industries! and why this silicone bitch wanna go to LONDON? they love to copycat or try to clone MARY J BLIGE smmfh Spend your money wisely and Go to Africa and LEARN SOMETHING BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  7. Very good career move. London has an underestimated appreciation of R&B singers. She can easily go there, spit some songs out, have the million or so DJ’s who reside there to remix them and have a Top Ten dance/edm hit in that country. Once that happens, you can make a fortune from guest appearances/singing in clubs and other venues (a lot more money she could make in the states). And all without ****ing for tracks. I don’t see why more non A-list singers don’t do it.

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