Draya’s Desperate to Get Back With Orlando Scandrick

Draya's Desperate to Get Back With Orlando Scandrick

It’s been less than a month, and Basketball Wives L.A.’s Draya Michele is already begging to get back with Dallas Cowboys’ Orlando Scandrick. These two have broken up more times than we can count during their two year relationship, but they always seem to work things out. After their most recent separation, no one really believed they were completely over each other, but now Draya is letting it be known that she wants her man back a.s.a.p. No word on whether Orlando got over seeing Draya get smashed by Puffy’s nephew.

When the paparazzi asked her if she was done dating athletes, Draya answered, “I’m not done dating the same athlete.” She then said they are quietly trying to work things out, but they want to keep their relationship as private as possible.

Welp, Draya has put the ball in Orlando’s court with this pathetic bird call. I’m pretty sure these two will get back together because Orlando probably thinks Draya’s the only female that will accept him and his (alleged) herpes.

Peep Draya’s desperation in the video below!


  1. either She’s misses the dick or the money, I think some Black Men are dumbest motherfcuker around!!

    stop forgiving these wh0re, because They wouldn’t forgive Black Women!!

    • @Mrs.B

      thanks, Black Men are most hypocrites They will forgive White/Mixed Women, but not Black Women

      most Black Men are misguided They need a strong Women beside Them sadly for Them both White Women and Mixed Women are weak

  2. I usually don’t…..but I gotta co-sign WWC. You ain’t never lie about dat right there. They can’t deal what they dish.

  3. We need to stop caring about what black men are doing. They already stopped caring about black women. Let the dog have his fleas.

  4. Draya realizes that mileage on that cooch wong be able to make it in the industry so she trying to get wifed up because she knows she wong be able to compete with the new hoes in training.

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