Kimora’s A Banker’s Wife Now!


One day after Birdman took to Twitter to announce Kimora Lee Simmons is the “luv of my life”… her ‘Fab Lane’ has reportedly led her to marry her banker, Tim Leissner! And guess who’s responsible for breaking the news? None other than Uncle Russ!


Here’s what E! News reports:

“Kimora and Leissner, who works in a senior level position at Goldman Sachs, were photographed back in December during their annual holiday family getaway to St. Barts.”


  1. This arrangement will CrashNBurn in less than 1.5 years.Don’t Believe Me?Ask Janet Jackson.

    • @Anonymous

      No, You Shut Up! Acting like a bunch of schoolgirls. Whitebois already had their way with blackwomen…Black Female Hypocrisy On Display!!!


      • You act so effeminate. You, like several other of the BM posters here, have got to be in the closet. You cannot love p*ssy and hate women.

    • Don’t judge a person by their exterior appearance. There are so many young, handsome men who are being arrested for sexual assault and pedophilia these days who don’t fit the stereotypical profile.

  2. hollywood marriage of convience kimora’s benefitting some type of way and he’s getting his jollies if they had sex you can tell it sucks.

  3. Kimora and her new man are in escrow to buy a $43 Million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills. So yes, it’s definitely about the money. I ain’t mad at her, but the things that go on behind closed doors make Eyes Wide Shut look like a toddler film. Money is literally the root to ALL evil.

  4. if you didn’t tel me they were married it would look like kimora is taking pictures with a fan.

    trhey’re not even acting like a couple not even embracing each other.

  5. Right! That man ain’t even her type. That is definitely a marriage of convenience.

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