Gabourey ‘Precious’ Sidibe Speaks Out After Getting Cyber-Bullied


‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe has broken her silence over the string of cyber-bullying she’s fallen victim to. Most recently, the actress caught heat from haters who had a things to say about “her fashion choices” at the Golden Globe Awards.

“Sidibe says when she lashed back at her critics… it was because she felt like reminding herself and her critics of [her happiness].”

Here’s what Gabourey told Roland Martin:

“I feel like they’re talking about me because I’m busy. That stuff does hurt my feelings because I’m a human being. I’m not a weak, sensitive person. Im merely a person…I have to tell myself sometimes, ‘These strangers are saying things about you but look around you. You are in your dream. You’re in everybody else’s dream. You’re living a really good life and you’re happy’.”


  1. She’s not a bad looking girl at all. I think she could probably use a better stylist but she’s got beautiful skin and eyes. Saw her on arsenio a week or so ago. She’s got a natural comedic tone about her and quite intelligent. I’m surprised at all of the hating she encounters. Its ridiculous. She could’ve been on that show with Rebel Wilson. Correction…Gabby should be on that show with Rebel Wilson.

  2. I’ve met her before, and she is really just as ugly on the inside than she is on the outside, her attitude is outrageous, you would think she was beyonce. She’s a morally corrupt walking pork choo who thinks she’s better than everyone else, Newsflash whale, even if you wasn’t an actress you would still get bullied, but it would only be you to make everything about yourself, how about your big shrek looking ass help all your fans who don’t live the dream you live,call the little girls who suffer from obesity. But no you only care about your fat ass self, you big bitch,

  3. Agreed, her attitude is the worse. You would think she would be the nicest person ever, but I guess her personality matches her looks. She’s a beast.

  4. This bitch ain’t beautiful, y’all need to stop boosting this walking pork chop ego, she’ has a very ugly attitude that matches her ugly looks. She is NOT beautiful period, not on the outside and definitely not on the inside. I’ve met her and it wasn’t a very pleasant meeting. She’s a very rude beast.

  5. @Anonymous

    Her so-called ugly attitude is a shield around her psyche…Think About It? Imagine all of the hate this sista has gotten her entire life?


  6. Right! Gabby seems to have a sweet and positive spirit: the type of person you want to see successful and happy. Some people really got some nerve.

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  8. You can’t have it both ways. Liberals demonizing kids for selling cupcakes or drinking a soda, and yet telling this dangerously obese woman shes fine as is and a good role model.

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