Kim Zolciak Furious About Fans Comparing Daughters Plastic Surgery To Michael Jackson’s

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Kim Zolciak-Biermann went ballistic this week when fans slammed Brielle Biermann’s cosmetic catastrophe!

The 20-year-old came under fire after Kim posted a shockingly disturbing photo of her eldest daughter — and multiple brutal responses followed. Most of the remarks were about Brielle’s inflated pout and extreme plastic make-over face. Many fans compared her to the former king of plastic surgery, Michael Jackson — “She looks like Michael Jackson a wax figure,” one person commented.

While there were some fans defending Brielle, 90% were negative replies — and the mom of six took to Instagram on Tuesday to inform her followers, “She [Brielle] was born this way!!” And posted throwback photos of a young Brielle to prove it.

The 39-year-old went on to threaten “jealous cyberbullies,” would be blocked from her Instagram page.

Her entire post captioned,

“kimzolciakbiermannWhat can you say when you realize she was born this way!! @briellebiermann other than her lips #GTFOH #CyberBullies #Jealous -#BitchesBlocked My kids see your comments SOOOOOO if you write something stupid be prepared to b blocked 4EVER.”


  1. Kim needs to stop. She has her 20 year old daughter out here looking like a 45 year old Jigsaw.

  2. She gave it away when she posted her baby pic. Thin lips, now engorge with chemicals. Rhinoplasty and botoxed to death. She’s lying as always. Makes me wonder if Kroy has a real woman on the side. But the comments are deservingly ruthless. And who’s checking for her on IG.

  3. Got Damn, the mother especially, in the top picture looks like a Mrs. Potato head. Snap on nose, inflate-a-lips. Chicks look like mannequins.

  4. Kim selling her daughter sex for $$$$ and favors & just like kendall & kylie they were average/below average looking white chicks so they whores mamas sisters decided to make them into build-a-whores. Lets not foeget kim carried her ass on twitter asking bubble face Chrissy who dick brielle gotta suck for some john legend tickets..chile, cheese. Throw this white trash bish under the jail.

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