Kim Zolciak A Racist? Kim’s ex friend says she is a racist and uses the N word (video)

Nene Leakes claims Kim Zolciak and her daughter are racist. This set of some internet sleuthing that turned up Kim’s ex friend doing an interview with Wendy Williams claiming Kim is a racist. The ex friend says Kim uses the “N” word a lot and does not ‘like chocolate’. The friend also says Kim Zolciak is afraid of the other women on the show.


  1. Are we surprised? It’s obvious and always has been. RHOA producers continue to make money off this side show and now they have reopened the formerly closed ring. Terrible!

  2. It has nothing to do with this fucking show.

    These cave beasts will never like or accept you, period. When will you fuckers wake up?

    • Not so.

      But you must pick and choose with care. Zolciak is a poor example of a white woman.

      WW don’t like her at all.

      • Stop making conversations with yourself. You and the above poster are not two different people.

      • MF don’t speak for me, speak for yourself.

        If you want to believe any of them give a shit about you, you keep doing that…even when you constantly see what they say about you which proves who they really are.

        I have a professor older white woman even have had lunch with her. You would not believe what she said to a latino classmate, thinking she was giving him advice to move ahead, it was completely demoralizing.

        Not everyone is meant to be white, but the fact they believe they need to tell us who we are, how we should “behave” etc…just proves they can’t accept people as is, yet they want to capitalize off of everything we are for their own benefit? GTFOH with the BS…

  3. She have always hated what she wasn’t which is black & young. During the second season when she & that gold digger Sharee would go out, Kim’s hating ass would always talk shit about her (sharee) & the others……because she’s never been happy with who & what she is!

  4. LMAO…she bought everything on her body, so there is nothing to be jealous of…lol.

  5. Least we not forget that Nene and Kim were best friends who started the show together. Nene was first to cast Kim, she said they were friends long before the show. They both need the press. Kim maybe a bitch but so is Nene. I think we have a lot of black issues right now and this fake race card throw is some bullshit, when clearly it’s too old ass cougars fighting for attention….ijs

  6. Just about everybody is racist. I dont know why black ppl act like we dont say racist stuff. Kim aint that racist because she willing to be on a show with black woman and ghetto ones at that. I can guarantee you that those ladys on orange county, new york or beverly hills would never enter the cast of atlanta for no amount of money, simply because they black. never and they would quit there shows if one of the black woman enter their cast.

    All of the woman on reality shows are ghetto, both the white, black and Italian ones. But i can assure you none of those other ones would film with the Atlanta cast, theu would quit before they did that.

      • According to the dictionary, they mean they same thing. You know something webster dont?

        Well when webster publish your defintion. Ill go with that, but until then they mean tbe same thing.

  7. Kim probably say racist shyt when she get mad just like everyone else. Including us, because i aint racist but I dont really mess with white ppl like that cause alot of them are nosey and tattle tell too much. Now thats a racist statement. But i would still help a white person, still tip a white waitress, I still say hi to my white neighbors, look out and etc.

    Stop bashing that lady for saying the sane ravisy shut everybody else say. A real racist would not get caught standing next to Nene

  8. Heck you might as well call me racist too cause I would not hang around that black, ghetto, ignorant mean, Amazon loud black bytch either.

    • @03:59 I’m ABSOLUTELY sure that similar words are used to describe your dumb ass when you traipsed through the Playboy Mansion, ashey knees and all. You care more for a withered old white devil who exploits women who are down on their luck, before you see the good in your own. #TYPICAL Sooner or later your wake up call will come in express! TRUST

  9. I’m black and I can’t stand black people of today. Ancient black people would be ashamed of black people around the world. No dignity all boule programmed idiots.

    • So you can’t stand yourself good to know.

      Besides you don’t know all black people…If you have A friend I would be surprised.

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