Kim K, Kanye & Kids Headed to Therapy

kim kardashian kanye west therapy

Sounds like there’s trouble brewing in the West household, and it all has to do with Kim and Kanye’s troubled marriage.

According to Radar Online, the reality t.v. star and her rapper hubby are trying to save their marriage after the birth of their son, Saint.

The couple is allegedly close to “throwing in the towel,” because Kim refuses to listen to Kanye’s orders.

Kris Jenner has reportedly stepped in and ordered Kim and Kanye, as well as their kids, to go into family therapy right away. The situation is supposedly so bad that Kris can’t “take it anymore.”

Saint can’t even talk, why is he included in this madness? #HollyWeird

How much longer until the divorce and the Kardashian’s start throwing Kanye under the bus?


  1. The writings on the wall they been throwing him under the bus for a while now but he doesn't mind giving his legacy money to a family of white prostitutes. I bring up Kanye and comment at these threads as a rebuttal to the black hypocrites who always talk about black women are separating the race when we swirl when it is black man who outpace them swirling almost 3 to 1.

    His mother must be rolling over in her grave thinking the son that she coddled and spoiled all of his money when he dies goes to a family of white prostitutes… And the mixed trick babies that they had just to make more money to prove that he is straight which he isn't.

  2. Saint make more sense with his little "goo goo" than all the rest of them put together.

      • I am confused. The other day someone here said that they keep Saint out of the spotlight because he didn't come out all beautiful like North. I assumed they knew what they were talking about. But now that I see him, he might be the most beautiful baby I have ever seen….even cuter than North was as a newborn. I would have him front and center at all times lol. Well, if I was a camera crazed publicity ho like K and K are. That baby is Gerber label beautiful. Say what ya want about Kimmykakes, she does make good looking kids, and surprisingly Kanye seed seems pretty good too.

        • There was a blind item on another website saying that they kept saint hidden because he was born with a physical deformity which they were fixing before showing him off. So I guess he's gorgeous but had some sort of deformity.

        • I think the commenter may have said 'the baby not coming out beautiful from the parent's perspective.' To you and me he's fine, not to them perhaps. Also, they were fixing something physical about the child therefore no public pap walks with him as the trophy kid.

    • No, that's not it. But the poor kid has something and I think they are not coping well. It's being kept hidden from the public.

      • They need to get over whatever it is. If he needs some help with some physical or mental challenges, then they need to get their rear-ends off of social media and red carpets and work for that child's health. I didn't think anything could make me hate them more… but, this does.
        It is hard to be the child of such vapid, selfish people. Poor little kids. God have mercy.

      • If you look closely at the 1at pic of him released, his right arm is longer than his left. Sandra Rose even has an article about it. Alot of talk about him being a clone.
        Kim is so ignorant that she said publicly that North West "was conceived near the Vatican" for no reason at all.
        Seems legit to me.

  3. This story is bs…and really who cares anymore. I used to watch Kardashians lol, I can't stand it now. I think people's interest finally waning

    • So, YOU are one of the people who helped them. Bahh! Be gone…
      I never watched any of them and I think anyone who did needs a lobotomy.

  4. Those kids are going to need more than therapy with the parents they have smh so sad.

  5. maybe Baby North will show signs of being a happy, cheerful baby thereafter? because the poor child stay looking mean and agitated. guess so with nincompoops for parents and a golddigging opportunist for a grandparent

    • She's mean and agitated for a reason most kids that age lovingly cling to their parents she looks upset and resentful which proves they aren't close and she's used for photo ops. All that nonsense just to stay in the press means the baby is raised by nannies. They already have her dressing like a little butch hooker, but I got my own probs.

  6. Why Tony say that baby looking too black!!!… LOLLLLL…..Ive often wondered why they stay glossin North….but obviously keep lil Saint in the trunk……I bet Kris Jenner fainted, farted, tripped then hit her head of the coffee table when she took a good look at Saints lil finger tips…..but I thought they liked chocolate……hahaaaas……." give me da baby"

    • Bwahaha! In the trunk??? you crazy for that one. That ish funny as hell. I was wondering why she don't be parading him around and showing him off. Probably thought he was gonna lighten up. Nahh, this one the real deal….

  7. The kids are black with some cream on them. It is what they all expected so nothing to see here folks. This is either for their stupid show OR, Kim's had enough of Kanye cray cray. They used each other for almost 3 years. Time to move on. Hopefully Kanye won't OD on something.

  8. Koonyah only loves North. He said it out his own mouth. Hence family therapy to include the kids

    • Yes some confused black males just want mixed daughters (to create the ww, they most want to be…) they give their mixed sons a hard time, too hard on them, call them yellow B's and stuff and lots of mixed boys get molested by black dad and his buddies but shhh, you didn't hear that from me. Jesse Williams, hated by most black males, Aleshia Keys, loved by them. Lots of mixed black males got molested by older black males who 'hate the white man' aka turned on by massa and anything that reminds them of massa… but thats another untold story

  9. If you don't want biracial kids stay within your race kim and her family should know that Kanye has strong DNA good thing Lamar never got Khloé pregnant I forgot all those miscarriages I mean abortions

    • Lamar's DNA and Khloe's DNA are so f*cked up (diabetes, obesity, bad blood pressure, bad 0² in blood vessels, etc…) : no baby means no ugly biracial kid with a f'ed DNA

  10. Storyline? As a people, we all need therapy due to the shit racism puts us through but help would only come from those inflicting the shit so put America in therapy!
    The story that needs to come out is how Tygro stay pimping. Media calls 'it' love but people who know the streets know what it is!

  11. "Probably thought he was gone lighten up"…. Lolllllllll,

    The handwriting has been on the wall!!…therapy??.. Uh huh….smokescreen for the push off the clip …take ya baby witj ya….POTNA!!…… The baby stay witj the housekeeper…closed blinds…close ups on his fingers and ankles……THIS IS whats telling the story…..WHILE THEY CONTINUE to seek and destroy…………wait…..someome mention IF. Odom and the chumsy faced one had of had a baby……..ugghhhh……that baby would habr required rubbing of the head and a long sigh….while complimenting his ….SHIRT!……. prolly would have come out all wrong looking like a well dressed smiling sea otter. Kris wasnt having it

  12. The father is the gayest coon
    The mother is Hollyweird's n°1 bed wench
    Both parents are working for their hollywood joowish masters in order to push the agenda consisting of destroying both black and white races via biracial unions…or the race war…
    The kids are already f'ed up
    Nothing is wrong it's Hollyweird after all

  13. Oh the slickness! I see you @Sasha R. Thanks for not posting the photo of little Saint looking BIG headed. Hence the "…HEADED to therapy" caption. But seriously, ff they are in deed in therapy, could it be they're going because of North's alleged/reported jealousy of baby Saint?

  14. ILLUMINATI MIND CONTROL THERAPY !!! aka Undetectable mind control slave BRAIN BREAKING !!! 100% Fact !!!

  15. Cute Lil baby, it's rather unfortunate he & his big sis, have the adopted parents they have, cause everyone & their mama, knows Kim didn't birth those children!

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