Kim K Cries as Kanye Chants: “I Know There’s Corny N*ggaz You Wish You Could Unswallow”


    kanye kim balmain music video

    Okay, we’re pretty much used to Kanye’s antics at this point…but the Balmain fashion house has clearly lost its mind. Why are they cosigning this foolishness?!

    Balmain is using Kanye’s song “Wolves” as the soundtrack to their new fashion ad. In the video, Kanye and Kim are front and center along with fashion models wearing various Balmain outfits.

    The lyrics from “Wolves” goes a little something like this:

    “I know it’s corny b*tches you wish you could unfollow
    I know it’s corny n*ggaz you wish you could unswallow”

    Well, when it comes to “unswallowing” Kanye approaches Kim who has tears streaming down her face, as he chants the lyrics while standing behind her.

    You know Yeezy is obsessed with all of Kim’s previous sex partners, so we wonder which one of her exes has him all in his feelings?


    1. Disgusting lyrics. I am more interested in Miss Swifty's retaliation cause you know it's coming! So once again, who is entertained by Batman's song?

    2. The sound of ignorance is loud
      The look of ignorance is proud
      Its movement is advertised , promoted and televised.
      I pour my liquor out hope ignorance rest in peace
      May its words scribble up like gums without teeth
      May ignorance gets old and die by herself
      So that the infection of her is not spread to anyone else……Sincerely The Truth

      • A wanna be white boy -> lol !
        guess what even most of them white boys wish not being the white boy Koonye wishes he were !

    3. Here's my Chrtisstmas wish list! Bare with me for a minute please! I would like for all Kardashian's, Jenner's, Kanye West, and everyone, that any of them have ever slept with, to all die in a mid air plane explosion! But wait, lets not stop there, because I feel like it wouldn't be a true Christmas list, if I didn't include at least three wishes on said list….Soooo, my second wish is a bit redundant, because I would like to be be able to enjoy plane crash inferno while at home, in my bed, with a glass of red wine, or champagne! And last, but not least, I would love for all demon infested politicians, their handlers, minions, and just anyone that follows them, and believes their bullshit! I don't ask for much Lawd, and I don't feel as if I'm being greedy, because I'm sure that many people will enjoy my personal gifts as well… I'll even sacrifice, two of my wishes, if you grant me one wish, by permanently ridding the world of all pederasts, and rapists.. That way I won't feel so uninspired, when someone posts stupid stories about celebrities. Thank you!??????

      • That ugly child is his! Saint just has some of the DNA from the other men that she has slept with over the years!


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