Iggy Azalea Hit With Another Tax Lien!

iggy azalea tax lien

Iggy Azalea needs to get her priorities in order. Instead of paying her tax bills on time, the struggling rapper has been in and out the doctors’ offices, allegedly getting more and more plastic surgery done after her breakup with Nick Young.

But Uncle Sam doesn’t play when it comes to his money. Back in April, the Aussie rapper was hit with a $269K tax lien for unpaid taxes in 2015.

And now, according to sources, the IRS has added another $391,056.55 to her bill for unpaid taxes from 2014. That’s $661k in total!

Iggy is struggling to make a hit record, and her summer tour was canceled due to lack of ticket sales. How long do you think it will take her to pay the tax man off?


  1. Firdt y'all founf the ugliest pic ever of Melania Trump, now you find a pic of Icky which makes her look like an albino tard. Good job!!!

    PS I hope everybody here notes that it's not just black folks having tax problems. Quiet as it's kept, it's usually folks who aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer. You will never hear about Dre, Denzel or Angela Bassett in hot water with the IRS.

  2. How come in America you have to do your own taxes? Thats so unfair. Over here in The UK we have HMRC do them for us. You guys should have the same thing.

    • I think we won a war which made damn sure you Brits can't tell us what we can or can't do

      • The fact you had you felt the need to clapback with 100 year old info shows you had nothing positive to add and just wanted a justification to be negative. You won a war yer you still speak ENGLISH? Goodbye Junebug.

      • If I was black American I wouldn't boast about anything the "forefathers" did. But that's just me…

        • Sarah This country is far from perfect, but it's still the best all around place to live.
          There sure are a lot of people trying to get in. I work with Haitians who are desperate to get a work visa to come here. To them just getting in the US is "making it."
          It may sound trite, but we don't really appreciate what we have.

        • His comment was the only way he felt he could one-up what i said. I pointed out a difference in how our countries manage our tax systems and he bought up a hollow victory carried out by the opposing side to feel superior. Knowing your history is a luxury not everyone is privy to.

      • @21:51 LOL!!!!!!! IKR!!? I'm sayin! Who the hell leaves something so important as their taxes in the hands of others? *sheep asking to get plowed*

        • You don't leave your taxes in the hands of professionals yet you're ok with your whole life being tracked and documented on your phone? The idiocy.

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