Kim Fields Quits Real Housewives of Atlanta

kim fields quits real housewives atlanta
In case anyone cares, Kim Fields has confirmed she is quitting The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Kim was brought on the show after Nene Leakes made her departure. But, she never really gelled with the rest of the cast. She got into frequent confrontations with Kenya Moore, and was accused of acting like she was too big for the show.

Shit really hit the fan when the cast accused her husband of having some sugar in his tank. So before things got too out of control (and before the rest of her family’s skeletons came tumbling out of the closet,) Kim has pulled the plug.

She confirmed her departure on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

I’m done. I mean, and think about too, at the beginning of the season, what did my mama say? ‘Get in and Get out’… listen to your mama! It was for the experience, it was to be able to do a genre that I’d been asked to do before and finding a way to do it that makes sense for my team and my family. Overall it was a really great experience,” ~ Kim Fields

Will she be missed?


  1. She went from Mrs Butterworth to The Real Housewives of ATL.
    …only in Hollywood.

  2. Next. And hellll to the damn naw she won't be missed. Her and the gayblade hubby should've never made their debut to begin with.

  3. For every two that rags on Kim, there are hundreds that have long enjoyed her talent. Her love for her family is amazing.

  4. Hollywood is extremely cruel and wicked to black women; Especially black women over 40. My beautiful sistas, stay away from hollywood! Look at how they're treating Kim Fields; she is a talented actress with over thirty years of experience. She is refuced to doing stereotypical reality tv. That racist white owned industry hates black people. I suggest sistas stay in school, get a quality education. I do not want to see any of you end up on a non union reality show!

    • Thank you for your unsolicited advice Pops.

      I'm sure that you just saved some poor unsuspecting sista from destroying her life by seeking stardom in Hollywood. LOL.

  5. Chip Fields raised some good ole wise kids. Kim did exactly what her Mom told her to do, "Get I and get out!" I remember when Kim came on Wendy Williams at the beginning of RHOA and said that. But Kenya, now she got some nerve! Talking about who is the lowest paying person on the totem pole. Um Kenya your net worth is 1.5 million. Kim's net worth is 8 million!! Hello!

  6. Kim might have gotten paid, but she lowered her value. Get in get out was good advice, but never to have gotten in would have been better advice. BTW, her hubby ain't gay!

  7. She got fired so she quit. She should have never entertained the idea of doing that ratched show with those ratched people. Fleas, and dogs and laying with them, yes that.

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