Drake Accused of “Swagger Jacking” Young Toronto Artist

drake mo g

Drake is being called out once again for being inauthentic, using ghostwriters, and using other artists to help formulate his whole style.

This time, a young Toronto rapper by the name of Mo-G is taking shots at Drake and the whole OVO crew for “swagger jacking,” and he’s ready for them to give him his credit and pay up!

“Have you ever heard in the history of Hip Hop, a man gives away his creativity and helps make Billboard hits, but doesn’t get paid a dollar for it, one credit for it? Here he is stuck in the hood. That doesn’t make sense. But exposing these niggas will make sense. Fuck you bitch-ass n*ggas,” ~ Mo-G

Mo-G specifically calls out Drake’s manager, Oliver El-Khatib. Oliver stepped in at one point and acted as the middle man between Mo-G and Drake.

“Oliver’s a f*cking snake-ass n*gga. Double-headed snake-ass n*gga. Psychotic-looking motherf*cker ass n*gga. Always stirring the pot, telling me you wanted me at the music video shoot, but Drake didn’t want me to come. ‘All Drake’s friends hate you. Drake doesn’t like you,'” ~ Mo-G

“I thought we was family at OVO, but these n*ggas never paid me a dollar after they starved me away, trying to hide me from the world,” ~ Mo-G

Mo-G goes on to say Olivier only offered him only $500 in compensation!

Peep Mo-G’s videos where he blasts Oliver, OVO and the 6 God







Meek tried to tell y’all! 


  1. I don't know about Drake or this Mo G kid… however, today in Toronto news… Rob Ford is dead. RIP Rob Ford…

  2. Drake been fraud. Ppl already know he's acting the part of the cool rapper. He had to steal somebody swag. Now he not around wayne he got to copy somebody

  3. Drake morphs into everyone hes a fan of. He tried to swagger jack London road-man style when he teamed up with Skepta. He tried to swaggerjack Tory Lanez flow and pronounciatoon on Energy. He swaggerjacked Juvenile back in the day.

  4. Lol .. drakes fake p*ssy chasin' money loving ass. we gotta go and own something in OUR lives…

    go see why 1 percent own world its because they learn and do important tasks such as manage millions of dollars and people positions (jobs) aha

  5. No contract no proof no case.dude ain't getting no money dude has no publishing no songwriting credits no fame he got ripped off he ain't the first or the last drake took notes from birdman who ripped off the whole cash money click and sent them home

    Reminds me when too short dissed pooh man and told him we took all your money took all your songs sent you home like a bitch one punk came and went

  6. Drake has been bullshit from (Day One). Hyped as the savior of hip-hop by the powers that be. All they wanted to do was hijack the culture and control it…Bottomline!

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