French Montana Smashed Khloe & Her Sister!

khloe kardashian french montana

The Kardashian sisters aren’t only sharing their shoes and clothing, they’re also sharing their men! Based off a recent The Breakfast Club interview, French Montana not only smashed Khloe, he hit one of her sisters too!

Charlemagne asked French about a line on his album that says, “Why did I hit her when I knew they both were sisters?” French tenses up and takes a sip of his water while TBC tries to guess who the mystery sister is.

Unfortunately, French doesn’t kiss and tell.

Which sister do you think is guilty of sleeping with Khloe’s man?


  1. They are all whorers, so anyone of them could have been his bed partner..

  2. Kourtney while scott was away…and since thiz thing iz not black, he iz right up her alley.

  3. Comment: Hell I'm from cal my homies used to run train on kylie before her and tyger tru story

  4. It doesnt matter cuz he could hit anyone of them they all sluts nobody would be shocked.

  5. Kendall Gay. I think its Kylie or Kourtney. Kourtney more so becaise Scott fuk Khloe so they dick share. Kanye shrug

    • You are right, I think it's kourtney. Like you said they dick share, even on her show when she asked Scott whom he will f*ck, kill, and marry, Scott said he will f*ck Khloe, marry kourtney and kill Kim. That's says it all.

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