Khloe K & Co. Secretly Clown French Montana’s “Fat Stomach”!!!

French Montana Fat Stomach

HSK Exclusive – Anyone who really believes Khloe Karadashian’s found love in her fake out relationship with French Montana is out to lunch!

Just days ago we broke Khloe’s pub-play wide open. And now, not only have we learned why Khloe’s been all up on the Bad Boy rapper.. she’s also revealed to be secretly clownin’ dude in the process!!!

Our tipster tells us Khloe is using French to stay relevant… as she gears up for the debut of “Khloe and Kourtney Take The Hamptons”. That’s why Khloe is said to have made partying with French Montana a business priority.

“On Friday, Khloe had French Montana take her to 1 Oak club in West Hollywood for Christian Combs’ 16th birthday party.. and it was all for press.”

Dig the Drop:

“French Montana and the Kardashian klan all headed to the Hamptons together for a party, recently. When French took off his shirt to take a dip in the pool, the Kardashians were all clowning him on the low, laughing as his fat stomach.”

Khloe French Montana Fake

Peep the publicity video:


  1. To wack celebrity wanna be’s trying to use each other Klhoe destroyed Lamar’s life and career and that’s a fact!!!

  2. French dumped his wife after getting famous. No loyalty so he’s getting used, f*ck him

    • These young cats aren’t loyal …they will do anything for a $ even bend over and suck off or get back shots. Not surprised Frenchie left his wife.

  3. was lamar hooked on crack before khloe? If not, then that DEVIL family ruined him!

    • This is what happens when you KNOW how devilish the kardashians are but still chose to get involved. Lamar has only himself to blame.. you get involved with that family, your life will be ruined at one point or another.

  4. He didnt pay to get his sucked out or coke binged as they did. Superficial twits

  5. This nigga married with a child an in typical nigga fashion, He leaves his wife an child to f*ck with a White slut. Smfh… Then blackmen wonder y they have to sell their soul an booty to get ahead. The creator is frowning on niggas cuz you disobeyed him, Left your families an You disrespect the sistas. Fuck this nigga he aint shit an cannot rap! Nyc trash.

    • French is Moroccan trash. I still despise the fact that he ruined a Lords of the Underground song as a sample. Bluff Daddy needs his Ciroc drinking ass kicked for that as well.

  6. This family of ATTENTION WHO*RES is proof that talent is no longer required to be famous! I can’t feel sorry for any man who chooses to hook up with these gypsy’s..When they get with a man its about publicity…Everything is so fake and calculated… DESPERADOS THAT THEY ARE FROM THE MOTHER KRIS ON DOWN TO HER DAUGHTERS…

  7. Khloe walking around looking like a swoll ass nigga and she laughin at people,and Kim’s Micheal Jackson looking ass..

    • ROTFL. Preach!!! But I wouldn’t dare cast Kim in the same light as Michael Jackson. Maybe Jermaine and his Krylon hairline, but not MJ. Khloe is built like Tito.

    • Yeah, Big Foot’s got nerve laughing at a big gut. She should go up to Canadian wilderness to look for a mate.

  8. umm why isn’t anyone commenting on that disturbing video!!!????!!!! I thought Khloe was asleep! she on that white girl or something else because she looked totally wasted and Frenchie looked very uncomfortable!!

    • OK. She’s doing massive quantities of blow to keep the Lbs off. So to “even out” I would bet she’s adding in some opiates or benzos, hence the nodding.

      Good catch Candi.

      • @Christa why no one caught that Is a bit shocking..yet again the the old these are media whores strikes again, whilst totally forgetting that Khloe is as high as Lamar these days, shit am starting to believe Kris & Khloe fed that dumb dumb Lamar crack by the boatloads..wit his dumb ass..

        • She did get Lamar hooked. I posted on her last yr about the episode where Kourtney and Khloe slipped Lamar an Ambien in his drink and he was Po’d/

  9. Khloe AKA Chewbaccca (excuse the spelling) is the last person to be ridiculing anyones appearance. Shame on her. SMFH.

  10. It’s called the getting money belly….Please if you think French doesn’t have his head strapped on right. This is all a ploy

  11. If ever a private plane needs to go down…

    I seriously want to watch the strippers more than these circus clowns.

  12. Dont all you ever wonder why Frenchie always call you all NIGGERS, Frenchie isnt even Black, he is Arabian same as me, you American blacks are so stupid you dont even know the truth, mabie I should try to be a rapper, but my BIG ARABIAN DICK would make a better porn star for all you DUMB NIGGERS TO SICK ME OFF

    • I heard the exact opposite
      French is holding 1 of the biggest dycks in the industry besides Fabulous

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