Khloe Caught That Lamar Lick, French Keeps Up W/ K-Kash!

Lamar Khloe Alimony

HSK Exclusive – It’s been less than a year since Lamar Odom’s pops blasted the Kardashians for being a curse on his son… saying, “You just bring them your whole paycheck, that’s how it works.

From what we’re told… Joe Odom may have been right on the money… literally! Know why? Our tipster tells us… the newly-signed New York Knicks power forward is legally obligated to fork over $50K a month to Khloe — “divorced or not” — for the next five-years!

“I guess he will have to pay her. He married her. You know how that goes.” -Joe Odom

But Khloe may not ultimately land the last laugh… since our source suspects her French connection could soon force the her to swallow the Kharbouch-Karma she’s likely to have coming to her. Just ask Joe!

Dig the Drop:

“Lamar signed his life away when he married Khloe. The agreement holds him to two seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, two pilots of anything the Kardashians do with the E network… and last but not least… pay up.

French Montana is enjoying all those perks too.”


  1. No sympathy for these men. You reap what you sow. If she is the best that you can do then it is what it is.

  2. You mean dumb black men with money. Lamar left his kids and his kids mother for a golddigger! If this is what Lamar signed up for I dont feel sorry for him just his kids.

    • @Anonymous

      Paying blackmen millions of dollars to play a child’s game is the worst outcome…It Really Is! Khloe has no connection to the larger black community, but, is receiving millions because she had sex with a black baller. Has no real talent of her own, education, etc. This is sad to me in the worst way, Real Talk!

  3. Karma is that chick and she collects everytime. He left his baby mother and that chick been with him for a minute. Met khloe married her in a month…. a fool

  4. And….’A fool and his money will soon part” This is proving to be the turest statement mt pops ever told me.

  5. Break that bish off the 3 Milli and cut all ties with them white devils. I have no sympathy for niggas that phuck with this family including Kanye West (RIP). This whole families claim to fame has been off of the black man, starting with RayJ’s dumb ass! Reggie Bush and Chris Humphries are the lucky ones. They were able to escape out of these bish’s clutches. WTF is Kayne going around singing I have a “trophy” when everyone in both leagues been through this sloring family….SMDH! #BlackmenLost

    • Are you lot for real, crying over $3,000,000. I live in England, that might purchase a 2 bedroom apartment in west London. He will not be sleeping under a bridge.

  6. never like khole her attitude the way her and sisters and mother
    put down their men it seem they wear the trouser in their relationship

    as for lamar karma

    shouldn’t be flaunting your relationship on magazines covers
    he made his ex wife liz upset seeing these picture on a front cover
    looking happy with his wife and her family

    • lamar looked like a token butler in a HOUSE FULL OF WHITE FOLKS.



  7. I agree that they treat their men like crap. Bruce cheated on his wife with Kris. Kris cheated on her husband. Its just a family of whores. Kim cheats on her men.I think Scott, Rob, or Kanye will be the sacrifices for these withches.

    • khole treated lamar’s friend like crap
      going to lamar loft unannounced with a key

      bragging about marriage

      “oh my husband” this and that

  8. Them kardtrashians must have a mean bloodline of p*ssy or a mean head game to make a man commit to fifty thou a month and you got no kids her name should be sunshine dammm lamar

  9. Khloe is on her way to hell to be handed over to Satan by French Montana. Khloe leave that devil alone! Your down TV ratings are a precursor. RUN! Last Warning!

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