Yaya DaCosta Cast to Play Whitney Houston in Lifetime Biopic


So Sorry Bobbi Kris…

Two years after her death, Whitney Houston’s got yet another face: this time, according to a report, it’s going to be “America’s Next Top Model” alumnus Yaya DaCosta playing the late superstar in a previously announced Angela Bassett directed,  “Whitney” Lifetime biopic.

TVLine reports that DaCosta, whose past film and television credits include “Lee Daniels’ The Butler,” “All My Children,” “House,” and “Ugly Betty,” will portray a young Houston as she navigates her rise to fame amid her infamously tumultuous relationship with songwriter Bobby Brown.


  1. Yaya was my favorite on ANTM back in the year that she lost to Eva. She is so lovely and smart too. I hope she does the role justice.

    #good choice Angela– helping another Ivy League sista out!


  2. And YaYa practice the religion yoruba so she should very focused for the role

  3. Good for her. I think Yaya can pull this off better than Bobbi Kris could. At least she is a working actress who respects herself. Shell do Whitney proud,

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  9. Good YaYa is too damn gorgeous. Even if she couldn’t act through a paper bag I would watch it just to see her.

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