Keyshia Cole Finally Finds Her Real Father

keyshia cole finds real father

After 34-years, Keyshia Cole has finally found her real father.

Keyshia’s mother, Frankie Lons, was a drug addict and prostitute at the time Keyshia was conceived, so trying to figure out the identity of Keyshia’s real father was almost impossible.

But somehow, Keyshia linked up with this man named Virgil Hunter, gave him a paternity test, and come to find out, he IS her pappy!

Congrats to Keysh. Maybe this will help her with some of her daddy issues.


        • I was about to ask the same thing….
          I'm not sure if it's one anonymous moron or two speaking on what they clearly don't know but either way they need to shut up & stop spreading misinformation & distortion.

          While one is in here talking about there's no Jesus in one breath another one is insinuating Mary, the mother of Jesus was a prostitute when in fact the bible tells of Mary Magdalene who was described as a repentant prostitute however, it's been said due to the various rewrites of the bible the identity of Mary Magdalene is believed to have been merged with the identity of the unnamed sinner who anoints Jesus' feet in Luke 7:36–50. Likewise, the bible has always clearly described Mary the mother of Jesus as a VIRGIN. She is generally referred to as "Mary, The Virgin Mother of Jesus."

          It's cool if you don't believe as that is your GOD GIVEN right but if you referenced the bible you'd have the people & facts straight.

          • Ms., you need to chill I am the one that said there is no God. I am sick of black females always preaching about God but look around at the black female condition obviously there is no God and it's my right to say this if you don't like it too damn bad

            • Anonymous,
              Had you truly read & COMPREHENDED what I said instead of rushing to provide a snippy-ass response to me you would know there was no need to do so because I defended & covered your right & your personal belief by clearly stating….

              "It's cool if you don't believe as that is your GOD GIVEN right."

              Honestly, reading comprehension is vitally important to all we do in life including blogging. What's too damn bad is your lack of understanding.

          • Some of these posters are not even worth responding to. Ms Reg.. I just shake my head and keep it moving. The ignorance is just, so annoying.

  1. So happy for her. I may not approve of her shenanigans but this is just wonderful. May she be blessed in her path of getting to know her father.

  2. And how come they only y put former hookers and hoes on tv? And why do put women support this crap? So many questions.

    • #Agenda #MindControl – An intelligent, focused, moral superior mind is a threat. That's why. It builds a strong community.

      • He ain't white either.

        And, I don't think he picked Frankie off the street. Frankie might have started as a high-end call girl and ended up in the gutter due to crack.

      • Virgil Hunter is black.
        He is also the trainer of top boxer and former Super Middleweight Champ and sometimes HBO Commentator Andre Ward. Hunter also trains Andre Berto (who was Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s last opponent) and Amir Khan (whom you can see getting knocked out by Canelo Alvarez on a replay tonight of last Saturday's fight,)

    • Ain’t it funny? Crackheads must feel like old fools now. So much mayhem and destruction in our communities, and now crack is bygone, like the horse and buggy. It is meth now in our communities. Who ever woulda thunk it? And let’s not forget heroin which is creeping back (and that was very destructive 40-50 years ago too)

    • 100 She may have been attractive back before she had Keisha. Drugs ruins a woman's looks even faster than age.

  3. so in agreement. the crackhead alcoholic. and got tricks for daughters…mainly that slutty, emotionally unstable, babymaking machine Neffetera with her super ugly ass

  4. I can't believe no one has put 2 and 2 together….ol boy more than likely used to get high too. In the early 80's, everyone tooted cocaine. Some turned to crack, others didn't. Obviously, Frankie became a crackhead.

  5. I am happy for Keyshia and I see where she gets her looks from . I hope that they will be close like me and my dad

  6. He needs to move that right hand so can see what that dick like. As for him being her bio father, I find it hard to believe by some stroke of luck after her mom not knowing who she had sex with that she met this guy and got him to take a paternity test and it turned out to be him. I'm calling B.S.

  7. Why is anonymous always on here talkin shit never has nothing positive to say? one day he/she/shim whatever it is love a celebrity next day it hate that same person on a different post. Shidd dont know what it like hell dont even know what it is (Anonymous). I only come on here for the comments and theres a selective few that actually keep it real and can keep it cutt throat in a classy way. Anonymous is Just a confused bat Like ctfu!!!!! Back to work!

  8. wel,l keisha has epicathal folds on her eyes (look at them). neither her father or mother have them. Is it safe to say keisha cole may have fetal alcohol syndrome. Still beautiful though

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