Keyshia Cole Can’t Seem To Get Enough!

Keyshia Cole Outta Control

HSK Exclusive – Keyshia Cole’s libido seems to be off the charts! That’s because the “Wonder” singer is said to have smashed a long list of industry ladies — including Kelly Rowland; Trina; Missy Elliott; her artist, Amina Harris; and even her assistant, Ronique Marshall. Don’t believe me.. Ask Young Jeezy.

Sources say Keyshia’s insatiable appetite for sex may have been born during her Death Row jump-off days. That’s when her reported love obsession with Ray J led Keyshia to a suicide attempt — crashing her car into a Los Angeles freeway wall. That’s seems to be what may have sparked Keyshia to not only an apparent lifestyle of permanent promiscuity, but taking on home wrecking too!

Here’s the drop:

“When Keyshia moved to Atlanta, she had run-ins with Tameka because she smashed Usher. Keyshia smashed T.I. — and Tiny had it out with her. Keyshia and Bobbie had threesomes too! She loves girls and has private sessions with them. She gets mad if her guys are having sessions without her — but it’s cool for her to do it.”


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