Kevin Spacey Comes Out as Gay After Pedophilia Allegation

kevin spacey gay anthony rapp

An actor named Anthony Rapp came forward on Sunday night and accused Kevin Spacey of pushing him on a bed and climbing on top of him during a party. Rapp was 14-years-old at the time the event took placed, and he was able to get away before things went even further.

After the allegations, Spacey played dumb and said he didn’t remember the event. He also thought it was a great time to finally come out of the closet as a gay man.

BTW, Spacey is 12 years older than Rapp, which means he was 26-years-old when he tried to assault the young actor.

Sick f**k!


  1. I can’t believe he’s gay! I use to have him on my DILF list when I saw him in The Usual Suspects. 🙁

    • How the fuck did you NOT know!

      Never married no kids no women around him EVER!

      And did you see the way he kissed Annette Bening in American Beauty! That is when I knew for sure…smfh.

      • Because bitch I’m not a celebrity stalker like you. I don’t know if he has kids or a wife motherfucka. I only knew a couple of his movies was my shit bitch. Now carry on.

        • Don’t be mad because common sense alludes you, you Dumb Ass Dingleberry Bitch!

  2. More will be coming out on Spacey. He’s been drugging and raping underage boys for years. He would be smart to hire a crisis management team NOW and tell them everything before shit start hitting the fan, so they will know how to respond accordingly.

  3. Being a pedophile has nothing to do with being gay and there ain’t that much drunk in the world. Nice distraction Kevin scum bag, but nobody ain’t buying it.

    • Actually there are parallels people try to disconnect them because it shines a bad light on the gay community.

      There is no such thing as being born gay, because children have no concept about sexuality unless they are being groomed by someone older. Many men are gay because of being abused as children.

      There are gay pedophiles and there are men who claim to be straight who also molest boys.

      I believe spacey is gay and is a child predator.

      • I agree that he is gay and a child predator, but he is not a child predator BECAUSE he is gay. But he tried to justify his attraction to the little boy as a result of him being gay. I know a lot of gay people and they do not touch children.

            • There are in some cases and he is one of them…they are parallels in other ways, but I am not getting into all that.

      • Yes there is a such thing. Most homosexuals know it’s wrong but they can’t fight the urges because of a chemical imbalance. The chromosomes are only responsible for determining your sex that’s it. GOD punishes by generations so some gay shit your ancestors did 4 centuries ago will still be prevalent in your bloodline. Bitch i thought u knew that.

        • Oh and kids aren’t thinkin about sex with all the free internet porn out there? I didn’t have that growing up. Dumbass broad. I didn’t say ppl were born gay but were more inclined to be gay because of the chemical imbalances. Ho

          • I stand by what i said. I believe it to be true.

            But you just have to be diffucult about it.

            I don’t know who u think u are but you ain’t no scholar buddy.

          • You said it, You believe it to be true which does not make it so…

            Speaking of scholars, neither are you.

        • But you get my POINT. Tryin soooo hard to look for little inequities to prove me wrong. Don’t stumble over yourself tryin to make a fool outta me. Yo dumb butt has done that before.

          • Like you are?

            You should have kept that dumb ass original statement to yourself…instead of trying to defend that BS.

  4. Sorry that was my Anon comment above. IDK why my name disappears after a comment.

  5. Expose all of these baphomet worshiping hollywood devils! Where there is homosexuality, there is child molestation. Ask Corey Feldman, he was molested and raped dozens of times.

  6. Kevin spacey, George HW Bush, Harvey Weinstein, Terry Richardson a bunch of rich, white pedos and serial rapists are being exposed. One problem, they’re not being arrested. MJ and boule Bill were arrested.

    • Please STFU and stop being so fucking stupid for a change.

      Mike and bill had people who filed charges on them. nothing will happen to the people you mentioned until someone steps up to do the same, which is no guarantee given there is a statute of limitation on rape & sexual assault.

      What should be discussed, is getting rid of the statute.

    • @nba is fixed

      U really love your conspiracy theories don’t you? The only one i believe is cam throwing the superbowl, 2pac is alive, and the nfl + nba following a script that will bring in the most money.

      • Up until recently most naive people thought the casting couch didn’t exist in hollywood. Now we realize it does. Looks like most of the conspiracy theories are true. By the way, Cam didn’t throw the Super Bowl, the refs made sure sexual assault boy Peyton Manning won the game. And yes the NBA is fixed.

        • It was not just the refs, cam played like shit too.

          Whether it was nerves, too much partying or a flat out threat on his career he threw that game.

  7. Isn’t 14 at the age where it’s perverted but not a pedo.

    Like Michael Jackson liked kids but once they were 13+ he lost interest.

    • Really?

      What drugs are you on?

      No grown adult should be messing with anyone under 18 and if we are being real under 21…most young adults are not mature enough to be with someone over 25.

      There are terms for those who mess with youth of differing ages, but who gives a rats ass. All that shit is wrong…no matter what you call them.

    • It’s pedo when the person has not reached the age of consent. Just because 14 is older than 8 does not mean it is less pedo.

  8. Kevin has been out for a while. Everyone in Hollywood knew except the rest of the world. That he chose to come out at a time like this is too bad for the gay community who would have embraced him for coming out. He likes young men, maybe those who have yet to reach the age of consent so obviously his feelings will be for young men. To make declarations about being gay now is ill timing and now gays are mad with him. Gays have their fair share of pedos, just like any other group.

  9. Every executive for Fortune 500 companies are shaking in their briefs because someone will say what happen to them years ago…

    • Not really.

      The people who are doing the real dirt have access to an underground system of babies, children and people they use in horrific ways, usually leaving no witnesses.

      Check the list of people who come up missing yearly w/o a trace and imagine that # amplified when speaking worldwide.

      Don’t get me wrong it’s all bad, but sexual harassment has nothing on child and human trafficking.

      • @ Anon 17:40, EXACTLY. Rush ‘Oxcy’ Limbaugh was known for flying via private jet to the DR to partake in underage boy perversion.
        Remember that show, ‘To Catch A Predator’, a great QUALITY show was canceled because someone in power, presumably a pedophile wanted it off air.
        There’s an underground network for this sick sht and you have athletes, rappers, singers, comedians, famous chefs, politicians, actors etc…… willing to pay big bucks for sex with babies and kids.

  10. You can’t tell me macklemore and anthony rapp ain’t kin some fuckin kinda way.

    Maybe macklemore is the more masculine version of Ant. Rapp lol.

  11. Not hip to spacey but here m coming out ain’t shocking how many folks in Hollywood came out they all.about lgbt why is everybody surprised hell.when.I heat a celeb come out I’m like next

    I wish big bird will come out the closet his big fat tranny yellow ass been selling ass on sesame street for years

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