Keshia Knight Pulliam Forces Ed Hartwell to Take Paternity Test


Keshia Knight Pulliam isn’t playin’ games with her estranged husband, Ed Hartwell, and she’s demanding that he take a DNA test to establish paternity of their unborn child ASAP!

According to TMZ, Kshia has filed docs to get the DNA test rollin’. She has already submitted her DNA sample, but Ed hasn’t.

WTF is he waiting for? Isn’t he the one who said he wasn’t sure if he was the daddy to begin with?

Since Ed is dragging his feet, Keshia wants a judge to find him in contempt, and lock him up until he hands over the sample.

What do you think is Ed’s hold up?


  1. Kesia needs to ask bill for some pills to knock ed out and take a DNA sample while he sleep

  2. Ed’s another scub ass FB black bum macking a low self esteem bw with money sistas beware!!

  3. I thought we all agreed we were over this mess.
    What happened to “moving forward & getting on with life?”?

    • She is trying to do that, but that Jackass all of sudden got cold feet because he knows it’s his child. The same thing Joseliné Hernandez is going thru Stevie J. She put in her DNA, so why Stevie dragging his feet? These guys are having second thoughts and they know they f*cked up.

  4. That POS always KNEW he was the baby’s daddy. He’s stallin’ trying to come up with a reason NOT to pass on that sample….cause he knows what’s next…18 YEARS.

  5. Oh men, please snip yourselves. Wait until you are married to your wife for three years to reverse the procedure. What do real adults not get it about pregnancy.

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