Kerry Rhodes’ Alleged Beard Files for Divorce

kerry rhodes married

After six months of marriage, Kerry Rhodes wife finally came to her senses and decided to file for divorce.

Nicky Whelan released a statement, but she didn’t give the exact reason why she decided to walk away from the former NFL player.

“I can confirm that I have left him. But other than that I am not willing to comment any further, because anything else I say is going to make things tricky. I just want to focus on my work and on business, which is going really well.”


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  2. “because anything else I say is going to make things tricky.”

    LOL, no, saying anything else is going to make you breach that contract you signed.

  3. There goes his money. Why did he get married. Why not just go live your life, no one is looking for him.

    • True! He should stop hiding who he really is. I dont like that ppl are Gay but I still got love for them. He act like the world is gone stop and end because he is Gay.

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  7. Dudes gay, married a woman for show … so what.
    This shits been happening for centuries.

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