Cardi B Addresses Getting Kicked TF Out of Hotel

cardi b kicked out hotel

After getting kicked out of an Albany, NY hotel, Cardi B goes addressed the situation in a new video.

The rapper says she got kicked out because the hotel staff thought she was smoking weed, but she hasn’t smoked since she was 21. She also says she was targeted and the hotel staff is racist.

Do you believe her?


  1. Again I point out to all you who want to act like Only dark women act and speak the way this bitch does, explain this ratchet ass bitch away.

    • We all know ratchet comes in all can focus on that or you can focus on you.
      Maybe if people focused on themselves more than they did on others we wouldn’t have ratchet ass b****** to begin with.

      • Obviously NOT…

        Did you bother reading the comments under the original story about with hazel?

        Do that then come back with that all shades BS…and don’t come for my comments when you didn’t bother to address the assholes calling out ONLY dark women.

        • I did read the comments and they were going both ways and I choose not to give ignorance life.that doesnt mean i agree with what was said. There’s too much negativity going around right now and too many people fighting with each other over color shades and that’s not productive at all. People are going to say stupid s*** everyday but you know how you dead that? by not giving them attention. I know it’s hard and I know it’s tempting but we all can and should do better.

          • Also I don’t see any sense in fighting with each other especially blacks and Latinos/hispanics, because at the end of the day were one and the same in many ways more so than many care to admit and We need to focus on the Real Enemy because their tactic will always be divide and conquer and we can either fall for it or come together and be stronger as one.
            Good day to you!

            • I am not talking about the last post, I am talking about the first story.

              I know who the real enemy is, so like I said you are preaching to the choir and need to put this shit on someone who is spewing BS.

          • It was not going both ways.

            All the real negative shit was being said about how dark skin women are, which is BS.

            Too many still have a slave mentality and don’t even know how programmed they are to be pitted against each other.

            I for one am not going to let that shit slide, because when you stand for nothing you fall for anything and I will not allow these poisonous wretches continue spewing garbage like it’s gospel.

            • Yes if it’s face-to-face I agree .but online you can’t change what people say. Most people online wouldn’t stay half the shit they say face to face. My point is motherfukers on here trolling trying to get attention and a rise from people . There’s no point arguing with stupid because they going to stay stupid and at the end of the day you going to still be mad and I refused to spend my attention and energy on people who aren’t worth it is all im saying.

              • Re-read what I wrote.

                Did I say I was trying to change anything?

                All the people posting are not trolls, they really believe that shit they say and they are implanting more shit into those people who don’t know any better minds.

                Again standing up for something no matter how trivial you believe it is, is better than watching on the sidelines.

                You can stop responding now, because you obviously do not understand my point.

    • I think you keep missing the point!!!!!! I never said dark woman are ghetto I said many people think of darker woman as ghetto…. I KNOW THATS NOT TRUE!!!!

      A black womam thats thick dont catch as much flack as a white woman thats thick. A white woman with a weave does not catch as much flack as a black woman with a weave. And a lightskinned mixed woman acting ghetto dont catch as much flack as a darkskinned black woman acting ghetto.

      So the point is if you keep it classy nobody will care about your skin color!!!! But if you over weight, ghetto, got tacky weaves and etc, expect to be stereotyped.

      People who get offended easy get no where in life. Just FYI

      Im trying to tell yall what to do to end the stereotypes, but you want to keep acting like they don’t exist.

      • Please shut the fuck up, because that is not what you said.

        You would not know how to make a rational, unbiased, nonjudgmental point if someone wrote it out on your forehead for you.

    • I think y’all pointing the finger the wrong way. Entertainment is belittling black woman and even more so darker skinned black woman.

      Such as on “The View” everybody on that show is pretty except the darker black lady and then on top of it, she fat. Now if they would’ve put Chili from TLC up there, Tatiana Ali, Keyshia Knight Pullman, Maia Cambel (sober) or Lark Vorhees (sober) then it would’ve been fair competition. The media is purposely trying to sabotage darker skin woman. They know if they get rid of them they get ride of black men!

      Even that other show the view with Whoppie Goldberg, now why they could not use Pam from Martin or Phaedra from the housewives. But nooooo they put whoopie.

      They started this mess with Oprah, they could’ve Robin Givins or something

      They doing it on purpose. All I’m saying is if we all stay classy they won’t have a raggedy one of us to use to bring down the whole race with stereotypes. But instead we embrace these fat raggedy woman which is why they keep pumping them up and now Nene the next star to bring us even further down .

      • You are implying that dark women who are over weight are not intelligent enough to earn a job on TV unless they are part of a hidden agenda to sabotage the ideal of the black women? And that dark skinned women are perceived as lesser if they are not part of your cookie cutter version of beauty? That they need a good weave, be underweight and dumb as a pile of rocks, but pretty to be in a public forum? Lovely lady, you are and idiot and self loathing to boot. That is, if you are even a dark skin women. Sounds like you are perpetrating the stereo type that you claim to expose. So brainwashed. Move out of LA, it is warping your sense of what is really happening in the world.

        • She is not dark skin, her mentality falls in line with the rest of the brain dead/ washed coons who are too stupid to realize how ignorant they sound.

    • Oh yeah and let’s not forget about Martin. They made it clear Gina was the better one. But who ever wrote the show did steady make sure they were both pretty.

      Same with Cosbys all the woman on there were equally pretty no matter the skin color, in the house, a different world and etc. but they don’t do that anymore today, if she dark she gotta be Fat on today’s shows.

  2. You can’t smoke in hotels let alone that stinky sickening pot. She’s still a nobody but has gotten on that entitlement bandwagon.

  3. Cardi ya bum ass is lying you look just like them white people they use you to promote light skin hierchy amongst my people you ain’t shit but a typical white domincan piss stain acting like you black knowing you hate dark people. Rape baby prostitute

    • ^^ I self hate, that’s probably why I say ignorant racially motivated comments. I’m confused about my place in the racial spectrum. Am I Black, am I African, am I Latina, am I currency? Please forgive me all, for I dropped out of school at 2nd grade. ?

    • Bitch you crazy…self hate to the max…you talk shit anout blacks and latinas on here…make you damn mind up…you black or you latina? you hate yo damn self…

  4. Why did the elite choose her again scratching my head this b**** need a speech impediment and this the one that posed to take Nikki place wow Elite just wow

  5. Sooooo what now, are we suppose to go to Albany and protest cuz her butt got kicked out? First the police choke hold now this…and keep the N word out cha mouth chic, you ain’t no better than the racist hotel staff that booted you out. I cant believe I used to root for her when she was the under dog. I don’t remember her saying that word in her old Instagrams either. I see you Belcalis Almanzar. I also see them hand gestures too.


  6. Her black fuzzy slippers were cute and funny as she stormed out. Question: if the smoke smell was in the hallways, that’s typical in apartment buildings and hotels. So did security actually smell it in the room once they knocked and the door was opened?

  7. I say nigga all the damn time and im latina/hispanic and i mostly use it on everyone even my son…everybidy equalky a nigga to me….and not in a deragatory way anayways ….so what you gona do?
    Not a damn thing….

    • Please keep saying it, because when you say it in front of the wrong person and get knocked the fuck out, you can’t be mad.

      • I say that shit every where …Who getting knocked out? Lmao
        You can try it if you want too…get dragged out this mf..lmao

        • You don’t know me Bitch…Your dingbat as would fo sho get dragged.

          I don’t worry about gutter trash like you, because you will def get what you deserve.

        • You ignorant as you even know what makes a latina/ hispanic?
          We nigga,spanish and indian…so….and i aint hidding none of them from no one…
          Who gonna tell me i cant say nigga? Chile plz

          • I know Bitch, keep it up and it will happen, prob sooner than your taco eating ass thinks.

          • Let me tell you something ive faught grown men…you or no damn body scares me so you can go talk that shit to someone you can intimidate.if my black best friends didnt have a problem with me sayin nigga who gona tell me otherwise??
            Bitch bye…im out

          • I don’t give a fuck, you burly slew-foot sasquatch.

            Just because you hang with a Bitch dumber than you, does not give you license to believe we all are okay with that shit and trust, YOU WILL get your ass dragged when you say it in front of the wrong one.

            Run now because your ass will not be able to when ass whoopin’ time comes.

          • Bitch, I don’t give a fuck about your background.

            You can’t even write in English so if you are looking for ignorant check a mirror.

            Believe you will get schooled by the right one who will let you know you can’t.

    • I’m sorry Eiboon, I don’t mean to be offensive. I lack home training. I also have anal sex with ducks.

      • ^^^If imitating me and my name is the best you can do…bless your special little heart…always imitated but never duplicated…you tried it tho.lmao

  8. I want a private plane trip home when I finish my concert so I don’t get into this kind of trouble. No tour bus, no hotel room, no party. I want a ride HOME!

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