Jill Scott Reveals Her Experience With Harvey Weinstein

jill scott harvey weinstein

Jill Scott took to her Twitter to talk about her experience with disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

jill scott harvey weinstein scandal


  1. There is more to the Harvey Weinstein story than we will ever know. So will be be charged?

    Also since hollywood is on such a roll, how about releasing the names of the pedophiles.

    • Thnk u!! I mean y still protect them, they might as well put it all out there nd list them all. Sick fuckers!!

    • Absolutely. There is a famous director that came out alluding to the same thing. First, women abusers, 2, the pedophiles, and 3, those trading gay sex for roles. #2 and #3 are interchangeable in terms of who goes next. Terry Crews already gave us a glimpse. Corey Feldman is still running for his life. They are out there. Harvey thought he was indispensable and he has been for 30 years, now the others are hiding like rats.

      • Corey Feldman is not running for his life. lol He has a long running scam and that is what he lives on. When his money is low, he gives another interview teasing the fact that he could name names. And then the perps pay him off again and so it goes.

        If he gave a wet shit about the kids in the business today, or the memory of his late “best friend” Corey Haim, he would expose the perverts so they could never hurt another child.

        He only cares about getting PAID, and everyone in Hollywood knows that.

        Don’t be so guillible. in his own way he is JUST as bad as the sex perverts.

    • If they are successful paedophiles and their movies make money then we will never hear who they are. The Joos worship only money and making sure that everyone contributes to the Israeli fund. Once you start flopping like Harvey then off you go! You are not welcome here any more. Make your donation to Israel or fu*k off!

  2. They are not going to charge this man, just like the never did with cospig (until now) or the treasure trove of others who do this and worse…

    There would not be enough room to jail all the pieces of shit who do or have done this.

    At best he will probably get a plea deal/ slap on the wrist.

    If they let this become a thing that entire industry would shut down and they can’t let that happen, not even the women it happened to want that, that is why they say their experience to get in, but won’t actually file charges, because once they file charges in when shit gets real!

  3. If they don’t charge Harvey, they better forget refiling against Cosby. Not excusing Cosby but at this point Harvey has got more dirt on him than a casket in a grave.

  4. I don’t care if it is wineswine or cospig they both need to be in prison.

    The difference is a woman actually came forward years ago to file charges against cospig and even though the original DA swept it under the rug a new one filed before the statute ran out.

    This is why there should be no statute of limitations on rape or molestation.

    The problem is none of those rich bitches who had an incident with this fool will file charges, because they don’t want to fuck up their money.

    It will have to be a lesser known woman to come forward and be able to handle the shit coming her way to shut her down.

    • The reason for the statute of limitations on rape is that a district attorney cannot cull enough evidence 10-20 years later in order to win a case. No district attorney is ever going to take any defendant to trial unless he feels confident that he can win.

      • It does not matter.

        Fear and shame are what keep most people silent and when you have a mass amount of people saying the same thing those people should be held accountable at any time.

  5. I try to have sympathy for the women but at the end of the day they have chosen to be there. No one makes you seek out your employment in Hollywood. Was it the lure of huge riches fame and fortune that attracted them? Hmm. That’s nice.

    I have no sympathy because rather than save lives of vulnerable children in that industry (sold in to the industry or otherwise) , they are more concerned about becoming this years’ Oscar winner. They are selfish and greedy. They could speak up; the whole entertainment community could get together and speak up. They could all sign a petition to have known paedos removed. Hollywood can’t sack everybody.

    But yet …

    • It goes deeper than sacking, most of those fuckers are afraid to wind up dead.

      Now while I agree they can’t fire or kill everyone, it would be smart to get a crew together than going it alone.

      Granted it is the life they chose, but they don’t want to be the next dead in hweird headline for filing charges or labelled a troublemaker, because as we all know this shit is just the tip of the iceberg!

      There just aren’t many people male or female strong enough to stand up to power, especially if you are the only one actually filing charges.

      • This is why I have no sympathy. Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you when you are a selfish, vain narcissists who only cares about yourself and some stupid trophy that will end up on Ebay ten years later!

        • That is not how it happens. Many of these folks come into the industry and are molested before they know better. There are some with no soul but many just want to keep themselves alive. Otherwise they end up Brittany Murphy style. It a shame you have no sympathy, Scorpiess- Hollywood is a two tiered system those in power that abuse it and know the system and those who have no idea what they are getting into until their lives are ruins. See Amanda Bynes.

    • So you are saying that an industry controlled by sex abusers is OK and women either comply or don’t apply for jobs. This is exactly why we have the problem for almost a century. Clean up that industry so that women, men, and children can seek their dreams to act without having to get on their knees. Stop blaming the victim, blame the culture.

      • No of course that is not what I’m saying. I am saying Hwood is a scummy place to work so why go there? If you are not exposing these creeps because you vaule your craft then I have no sympathy –

        • @ Scorpiess- Some hospitals are scummy places to work, yet medical professionals work there just the same. And thank God they do. I’m sure you have watched a movie, TV show etc. or two in your life and enjoyed yourself doing so. Quit being so judgemental about something you do not know.

  6. Lots of people think and comment about how pregnancy ruins a career, not just in HWood.

    • Who they hell says it the way he did?

      He thought he could get away with all the heinous shit he did, what I am hoping is some charges stick to his ass and he can’t squirm out of them.

  7. Question, why didn’t these hollywood actresses call the police when Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted or raped them? Why are these women accusing Mr. Weinstein of sex crimes now?

    • Do you know how many men would be in prison if every woman or man for that matter reported every sexual assault and I am talking outside of hweird.

      This is not just a hwood prob it is a societal one.

      The shit going on in hweird is on another level, that has nothing to do with the average sexual assault victim, but it does not mean these fools should not be in prison.

      Why do you think cospig has remained free for so long? Because even when those women who were brave enough to report it, it was swept under the rug by the police.

  8. These women made deals with the devil. In this case, the devil was Harvey Weinstein. The women accusing Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault and rape knew what they were getting themselves into. Many women became famous hollywood celebrities, some women won the Oscar or the Golden Globe, all of those women had to do the nasty, satanic casting couch. I said it before, I’ll say it again, hollywood is the devil’s playground.

    • STFU nbho,

      This is not a hweird prob only. When you POS men learn that women are not solely here for your pleasure the world will be a slightly better place.

    • Harvey’s type appears to be very young, petite caucasian brunettes. Goop Paltrow seems to be an aberration.

  9. My point is that Jill Scott likely was not in danger of HW sexually assaulting her. Wouldn’t surprise me if he did go off on Jill. He’s definitely a vile creature.

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