Kendu Isaacs Demands More Alimony from Mary J Blige

kendu isaacs spousal support may j blige

Mary J. Blige’s ex-husband, Kendu Isaacs, was already awarded $30K a month in alimony plus a $235k lump sum retroactive support payment back in May. But now he’s saying it’s not enough and he needs MORE!

Scamming Kendu says since he left their $8 million family home, he has been slumming it in a 1,400 sq. ft. apartment in Los Angeles. He says he needs more money from Blige just to survive, and he already figured out the perfect dollar amount.

He’s asking for $65,000 per month, which he says isn’t much for Mary who “he claims has $275,476 per month available for support payments.”



  1. Damn ironclad prenup, post-nup, trusts, and protect your assets. Or just stay single and enjoy the fruits of your labor and life. Oh well she was dumb and “in love” did she learn nothing from her own past mistakes!

    • $65K Kendu? Why no 60 or 70. I hope the judge make him account for every penny she’s given him in temp support. I agree with you, stay the hell single. Even after marriage and getting used to the money, they want to unravel the prenup, complain they didn’t get proper legal counseling, etc. If I were a man I hire a surrogate and have my kids, for a woman, just go to a sperm bank, or use a surrogate with your eggs. It’s cold out there, why make it worse by marrying and being miserable. Thankfully she did not have kids with him or he would have branded her a bad mother and sued for for full custody (more money for him).

  2. Unbelievable!! Get a fucking job, u really expect her to pay more for u, ur new girl, nd family’s expense. I’m sorry, but 30 grand a month is more thn enough to foot the bill for his lazy ass lifestyle.

    • lol, they never want to to get a job. He’s accustomed to that lifestyle which included getting up at 11:45 am and napping throughout the day. What job allows that. I bet Mary never documented hours spent or what he did as her manager or whatever. How did he file self employed tax forms, etc.

  3. This pimp game has gone far enough! He aint scared of her attorneys. Maybe they are all in on it together. I would not want to divorce and have to pay my ex money for the rest of his life! I’d rather let him live in the house and drive him insane on different levels so that he wanted nothing from me and booked!

    • Even if she lets him live in the house and pay for essentials and she live in another house, he would not have access to her money which is what he wants. He would still sue for divorce and force the money out of her. You can’t win which is why you shouldn’t marry when you are a millionaire. Just have a monogamous relationship and keep them in check. Or live together in a non-common law state. I rather send my hard earned money into a hole and live modestly, than letting him have it.

  4. In that bottom picture he looks like his mind is focused only on one thing: ?????????

  5. Boo fucking hoo.

    These “celebrities” just have a lifestyle to sell…..

    $30,000 from a wife to a guy? He should be happy he’s gettin that much.

    He’s should stop digging before the whole thing caves out from underneath him and he’s left with nothing.

    • The judge should make him account for how he spends the cash. If he is sending money to his relatives, then she should reduce the $30K.

    • Like what happened to ‘Mad’ – Mel Gibson’s Russian wife / ho. I think she was offered like $80k a month, wanted more, took it to court and ended up with $12k lol.

  6. Pay it with stipulations. He has to lose weight, tone up, and learn to speak Vietnamese fluently! ?

  7. Get a job kendunk. Dont you feel any shame being a chump and wanting a woman to support you? Dang have some pride…..

  8. I would most definetly be on 48hours, Snapped, Forensic Files, Law in Order or something cause I would NEVER give this man 1 penny, even if I had all the money in the world. This man is disgusting to the max. Or I would give all my money and assets to the IRS before I give it to him.

    • If Mary does that and lives on $100K a year, he would want 50 or 50K a year, he would want 25. It’s the idea of support and he wants her to support him, even if she is broke. This is why she has to settle with him somehow. I would do a one time settlement, none of this monthly support because he is giving money to his own family and will feel he does not have enough for himself.

      • I would not give him shyt. I would rather burn the money and go live under a bridge. She need to talk to her illuminati people or call El Chapo or something. This is freaking stupid!!!!

          • Its not about the money!!! Its about not letting a f–k boy run all over you, drop kick you and then spit on you and then make you pay for it all.

            Eiboon Im comvinced you work for this site and ate here to keep shyt going. Because you cant be this dumb

            • I’m shaping your overall character and principles by what you post u airhead broad.

              You just a lil dumbass cute brownskinned chick from cali who’s rubbed elbows with some famous ppl. Whoopty fuckin doo. Now u think u special ha. Just admit you’re not into guys but what they can do for you.

    • Wow u women really are enritled. U wouldn’t say shit if it was the other way around.

      “Girllll that nigga betta pay me alimony and child support.”

      In many scenarios women outearn men so what’s the problem? Better pay up or get locked up?

      • It is what it is, a double standard.
        Not always fair, not always right.
        In this case, he’s not a man, he’s a bitch so quite frankly…. fuck that thirsty man bitch. LOL

        • Basically a man is supposed to get on his knees for the ALMIGHTY vagina or else he’s gay right?

          But the thugs who treat women like human beings get all the play because they will call women out on their bullshit.


          • Wow, you sound a bit bitter. Better do something about that. Stereotyping and categorizing like that will get you in trouble.

      • You dont cheat on someone and then stick them for they money. How low down can he be??? It aint about money at this point, Atheast to me it would not be and thats exactly why I wiuld make sure he gets none if it, eveb if I have to flush it downn the toilet and starve.

        • Oh. I didn’t know he cheated on her.

          Why didn’t mary’s attorneys use that? What kinda pro bono attorneys did she use?

          She shouldn’t have to pay shit!!!

  9. So a man cant collect money from a woman is that what you all are saying? What if said woman cant read and only have a 4th grade education and you helped her for years so the jehws and other ignant nigguhs didnt steal her money?
    I dunno if women can have tv shows where the only plotline is how many famous nigguhs she fucked & trapped into having a bavy

    • Men are providers, not woman. What kind of a woman takes care of a man? I have never in my entire life know of a woman who takes care of her husband. WTF!!

      Ooohhh I remember my highschool/ college sweet heart asked me for $50 to pay his phone bill❌??that was the last time I talked to him, 7 years down the drain. That was a complete turn off.

        • 7 yrs in and he asked his girlfriend/confidante for a measly $50 for a phone bill and you cut him off COMPLETELY?

          Who the fuck do u think u are? He probably was gonna pay your monkey ass back on his next check! What because he’s a man what you wanted him to hit a lick for that $50, sell some drugs? You’re supposed to love him! I ain’t mad though cause i know u a broke bitch and that’s why yo attitude is like that. This ain’t the old testament no more. I would treat your kind like the sex object u are.

      • @Lovelylady no disrespect ma’am If you don’t mind me asking was the decision not to loan him or give him the money based on your cultural beliefs, spiritual, or personal experience with that particular ex. Other women I know not to give/loan money because of cultural and a few relatives have spiritual beliefs against giving money to men.

    • @Bill.
      I believe fair is fair. Alimony at a reasonable amount regardless of gender. I don’t believe men or women should be screwed no vasaline in divorce court. He deserves something if there’s no prenup, or he didn’t violate it due to abuse, infidelity, theft of funds etc., How did he live and survive before her? If she got him accostumed to a certain lifestyle giving him access to her finances and footing the bill then just like Linonel Richie, Michael Strahan, and countless other men even Halle Berry and other women paying alimony or palimony then that is the cost of doing business. She’ll learn the hard way.

      • He did cheat, so he should not get shit.

        No woman should be taking care of a grown ass man.

        Until all other things are equal in this world grown men should never get a dime.

  10. He probably convinced her he could save her from her ‘sinful’ life and she was feeling all drugged out and married him. Wasn’t nothing wrong with her and her music crashed. She spent / lost a lot of time messing around in this marriage.

  11. women fight so hard to be ‘equal’ to men, then you realize you too will have to pay to play, just the same as men… know this, the feminist movement is/was an illusion… to move toward equality with men is a masculinist movement… the fake ‘feminist’ movement has been happening for how many decades (4?) and salaries are no where equal… ceo jobs still go to men… women wake up and REBUKE the media sponsored men vs women movement that only separates us all…

    • Stop all that lol. They is no such thing as equality. Men and Women, Blacks and Whites…will NEVER be considered equals ever. That’s just the way it is in the fucked up world we live in.

      • I don’t know any self respecting Original (Black) person who want to be “equal” with a got damn vestigial tail having neanderthal race.

    • The whole feminist movement might have been a emotional flare.

      Just another movement to suck money outta ppl.

      • The feminist movement benefited white women only. Most black women refer to themselves as ‘womanists’. Let the Becks be feminists.

        Men out earn women for doing the same job. Just look at the recent BBC scandal – for once not focusing on their love of underage kiddies to have sex with.

        Male presenters earned far far more than the females that work at the ‘Buggering British Children network’.

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