Kenya Moore: “The authorities will decide [Porsha’s] fate, not me.”

Kenya Moore on Defensive

Kenya Moore admits she called cops on Porsha, but she sure won’t fess up to the fact that she got her azz whooped! Buss this: Kenya says the reason she didn’t put those “Israeli military-developed self-defense skills” into effect is because that could have resulted in Porsha’s “severe injury or even death.”

That’s the official word coming straight from the horse’s mouth ***no pun intended*** in Kenya’s recent statement to the press. Oh, and Ms. Ratchet Reality adds she’s here to set an example for Black youth.

Here’s Kenya’s official statement:

“During the taping of the Reunion Episode for the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I was violently attacked by Porsha Williams. The episode, which aired tonight, Sunday, April 20, 2014, was taped in front of an audience of over 50 people, which included cast, crew, guests and executives, who served as witnesses.

I called 911 to report the incident. The Atlanta police conducted an independent investigation, which included viewing the raw footage of the incident. As a result, Porsha Williams was charged with battery. The authorities will decide her fate, not me.

There are many inflammatory statements made by cast members to and about each other particularly during the reunion tapings. Many have made untrue, denigrating, disparaging, and inflammatory statements against me in an attempt to provoke me, but I have never reacted in a violent way.

My intellect and my brain are my most powerful weapons—not my fists. If people get so angry that they lose control and admittedly “black out” and resort to violence, those persons must be held responsible for their actions. Being a cast member on a reality show does not absolve people of their rights.

After being repeatedly attacked by an abusive boyfriend at the age of 17, if someone puts their hands on me, I will not just let it go.

With that said, I sought self-defense training developed for the Israeli military. I’ve also been trained in weapons. I can take someone down in three moves. It took discipline for me not to respond in kind. As violent responses escalate, they can quickly result in severe injury or even death.

Being the second Black woman to be crowned Miss USA, there are little girls who look up to me. I would never want those girls, my nieces, or my future children to see me fighting anyone. That’s the lesson we should all want to send, especially to young people—that no matter how angry someone makes you feel by what they say to or about you, violence is never an option. #stoptheviolence”


  1. Did we all watch the SAME RHOA reunion show? In my opinion, Kenya DID NOT get her ‘ass whooped’ at all. Why are all of these low-budget/fallacy-ass blogs reporting that she got beat? Chill with that. Since when is hair pulling the equivalent of getting dragged? Come on, now.

    ANYWAY, Only the uneducated and dense females are Team Porsha. How can you be ‘Team Porsha’ when the female representing and leading your team is embarrassing, confusing, and asinine? How can you be ‘Team Porsha’ when your leader allowed several other women to ruin and end her marriage, and then sat back and watched her end her employment with Bravo? Like someone else said in the other post, Kenya Moore is a black woman with street smarts AND book smarts. She’s the most envied type of woman because she can run with the best and the worst of ’em. Grown women with experience under their belts are able to use their minds as sharp and intellectual weapons. A bitch with no class or pedigree resorts to throwing hands. And so what if Kenya had props on stage. She still didn’t put her hands on anybody and that’s the overall point. Kenya Moore is a threat to a lot of black women because she’s beautiful, successful, witty, and mentally superior. The majority of you are Team Porsha because Porsha represents what you already are or what you’ll become: a child-like woman with a failed relationship, no sense, emotional instability, no money, and a head full of some foreign woman’s hair sewn on top of your heads.

    Question: Why did Porsha go straight for Kenya’s hair? Oh, that’s right. Because hair, ESPECIALLY LONG HAIR THAT’S REAL, is a big ass deal to black women and the black community in general. Porsha and the rest of those southern mammies are so insecure that Kenya’s HAIR is being hated on. Porsha played herself.

        • Oh Please. That’s not Kenya. I hate it when someone has a different opinion and then they get accused of being the actual person they’re supporting. *sigh* We don’t all think alike. I actually agree with that post so I guess I’m related to Kenya, right? Riiiiiight.

          • Don’t know if you are or aren’t. But she and her peeps do post here under different aliases

    • I can agree with this somewhat but one person Kenya is threatened by is ATTY Phaedra Parks, she is also accomplished in many areas too

      • Oh pls, a real ATTY, Phaedra ass is so shady I wouldn’t be surprized if she bought her law degree …

      • I wudnt let Phaedra shady dog face wig lashes wearing ass bury some shit coming out my ass. Phaedra nigga gon always treat her D grade an cheat on her. Ijs. Kenya is the Smartest on the show cuz she sparks rage out them hoes. Accomplished attorney who nobody of statue will let them respresent them. Lol Right!

      • Kenya is very threatned by Atty. Parks. She’s bitter because Phaedra will not be her madame and pimp her out to her male connects and husband. Kenya does not have a career. Not all attorney’s are courtroom attorneys. Phaedra doesn’t have to be sharp in the court room. There are administrative lawyers, counselors, auditors, risk managers, compliance officers, underwriters, lobbyist, politicans, Quality Assurance Officer, Network Integrity Officers law is an open field.

    • Thanks for everything you said. It’s so sad that there is a generation of women who think winning a physical fight, having a baby by a man with money and getting designer shoes and purses makes them special and popular.

    • Well said, Alexis. I am amazed at how grown women can be so stressed out over long, beautiful African American hair. It is time to grow up and be better.

    • And what of people like me? I’m Team Porsha because I dislike Kenya. And no I’m not jealous of her hair because my own hair is quite long . It’s not a hair thing its a personality issue. I came up on the pageant circuit. I won’t say much more but Kenya simply isn’t my cup of tea. I don’t condone the hair pulling, I wouldn’t have touched that lizard with industrial grade rubber gloves. But I understand why Porsha reacted. I hope she leaves that show even if she isn’t fired . A husband and babies are in her future. Leave Andy and Kenya and bravo behind. They are so not worth it.

    • Tell it! I agree with most of what you said, but you almost lost me when you said Kenya was mentally superior to anyone. However, dumb as a doorknob Porsha played right into Kenya’s hands. The first thing Kenya did after the attack was stand up, brush herself off, and say to Porsha, “You’re gone!” while Porsha lay on the ground like a complete fool screaming, “I embarrassed myself!!” Porsha may have won that little fight…if you call it that…but Kenya outsmarted her and won the war.

      While Porsha stands in the Ratchett Reality TV Unemployment Line…Kenya will be cashing those TRUMP CHECKS! #teamtwirl

      • It’s for the best, really. Porsha comes from a prominent family and nothing good comes from any of these reality shows. Let her slip back to her ATL party girl life and be done with all this rachettness

    • HAIR!!!!! Chile Boo. Although Porsha wears a weave her natural hair is actually very beautiful and Ms Kenya has been known to wear pieces. However, that has nothing to do with Kenya jacked up mouth her always putting the other women down. Roll model my ass… Kenya, is dragging out her last few minutes of fame and she doesn’t care who she has to humiliate to make that happen. #Teamporshaallday!!!

    • Kenya is also the same women who threatened to beat Pheadra while she was pregnant on the last reunion… Who does that???? Kenyamoorewhore

    • A loser is a “woman” on Team Porsha or Team Kenya. Two modern day mammies makin’ black women look bad.

    • You are just as dumb as Kenya Moore looks if you are #TeamKenya. Kenya does not take responsibility for her actions, she reminds me of a kid. Well xyz did this to me and I did blah blah blah back. She taunted everyone with the exception of Kandi for the last 2 seasons that she’s been on there. She’s a wanna be master manipulator and she can’t keep her lies straight. She always wants to come for someone. Well she sent for Porsha and she came for her. Isn’t it ironic. LMAO

  2. Kenya is a hypocrite. She called Phaedra out for calling other women whores but then calls Porsha a dumb ho. This bitch is just too many kinds of fake with her imaginary boyfriend.

    • She called Porsha a dumb ho after Porsha called her a 90’s ho. Just because Kenya is beautiful doesn’t mean she has to put up with criticism from less than beautiful women.

        • Kenya is stable in the mind and beautiful. Porsha has proven that she is emotionally unstable which keeps her from being the total package…Next.

          • Naw, this is just a story Kenya’s krazy kanp has been plantingad feeding to entertainment blogs to tarnish Porshas rep because in spite of the rumors Porsha may not be officially fired. It’s bullshit but Kenya is obsessed with getting rid of the younger prettier woman and sill Porsha prayed right into her claw like hands

        • Your opinion. Porsha could never win a beauty pageant. She lucked up in Kordell then messed that up. Smh. She will be in the rehab in two years or less. Mark my words.

        • She looks like a post op trans to me. Big, make up caked and horrible skin. Not that I care about either of these birds but the little young one is cuter.

      • What the f*ck is this obsession over long hair??Kenya is not the only pizza face bitch with hair. Dumb bitch. Lol

        • Philidelphia is a Loser Type of Hoe! She cant help it ya’ll! Its obviousl she dont look like shit an is Baldhead. An pizza face… Really? You a stupid hoe an kenya bowl movements prolly look better than yo funky ass.. Bitch find yo life u Low self esteem hoe. You win loser of the month of april u wack bitch! Team Twirl bitches…..

      • Bwahahaha….I’m no hater. I just know a delusional. Hypocrite when I see one and I find it hilarious that some people are making this a hair issue. Puhleeeeeeeaze……..Kenya is an instigator and a shit starter who finaly got her comeuppance.

        • Kenya pizza face, man buying ass is making this a hair issue. Pizza Pizza is crazy. Lol

          • Childish dumb whore. You are stupid cuz that shit aint even funny. Are u 12 years old ho? You come from the same tribe of ‘Porsha’s’ bitch. You are a idiot lol. Im bullying yo ass in the toilet bitch!

          • @ Phili….Lol …man buying ass. She purchased a dad too. Her crazy ass must’ve just been renting Walter cuz he couldn’t get away from her fast enough.

  3. Exactly!!!! That whole cast is so jealous of Kenya’s beauty, intelligence, and cleverness. The rest of them are so basic and boring with tacky weaves. They know no matter what they do they will never be on her level. Either you got it or you don’t.

    • So true!!! Kenya is confident because she knows she has something that those other women will never have. Cynthia is beautiful but those other females would look like ghetto versions of the cryptkeeper without their weaves, make-up and butt injections.

      • Those women have something Kenya will never have: HUSBANDS!

        • Is having a husband like Apollo, Greg, Or Peter a prize? Where you from because if that’s the pickings in ATL, I’m never going there. Those brothers are whack as hell. Get real.

      • You know this hag uses multiple aliases, right? I think its either Kenya itself or a schizophrenic pre-op trans that thinks it is Kenya Moore. Anyway if you see her up close, she’s not that cute. Bad skin ,heavy makeup, fake eye color and lashes. Not ugly, just nothing other attractive women would be jealous of.

    • Porsha just panic and had to do something because Kenya was about to spill the beans on her cheating on Cordell

    • What level? I must be on mars. Lol. Kandi got more bread than all of them, Cynthia is absolutely beautiful, looks better than Kenya, porsha is a young tender, phaedra is a member of the bar association, etc.

      • Kandi , phaedra make avenues for themselves cuz they niggasaint real bosses. Porsha she just is dumb lol Dump divorced hoe who got Nathan lol. Philly u r a non motherf*ckin factor bitch! You jealous tramp!

      • Kandi , phaedra make avenues for themselves cuz they niggas aint real bosses. Porsha she just is dumb lol Dump divorced hoe who got Nathan lol. Philly u r a non motherf*ckin factor bitch! You jealous tramp! KENYA IS KNOWN FOR HER BRAIN AN BEAUTY AN NOT FOR TAKIN CARE OF NIGGAS AN DEFENDING NIGGAS WHO TREAT THEM LIKE SHIT! FOH HOE!

  4. Lmao no one is jealous of crater face no man having kenya she is no better than porsha idk how someone can say either woman is right just remember team kenya is just as ratchet

    • ‘No man having Kenya?’ Right, because women with ‘no man’ are unhappy? Child, please. I’d rather be MAN-LESS than be ‘married’ to a criminal, a man who’s horrible with money, a man whom my mother can’t stand, a man who cheats on me, etc.

      • Tell em, Alexis. Some women still believe that half a man is better than no man at all. If you are so desperate for a husband that you will marry any old thing then that shows how much you value yourself.

        • These women nowadays are STILL measuring their societal AND personal worth based on if they have a man or not. To me, that reeks of incredibly LOW self-esteem. None of those married/divorced housewives of RHOA are happy, and quiet as kept, they probably envy Kenya on another level: She doesn’t have a current troubled/failing marriage like they do.

          • Lol I don’t believe a woman needs a man to be complete but if your throwing yourself at every man that crosses your path (kenya) and you still can’t get one its funny

            • Where yo man at? Fuckin his real bitch right as we speak so stop ho. Kenya cud point her baton an your man wud twirl yo ass out. You r a loser an u sound ugly an jealous. Twirl on my shower rod hoe!

          • Look who is talking. The dumb bitch who has to let her man have access to stray puzzay to keep him. Kenya Moore’s emotional doppelganger. Of douse you don’t measure your worth by relationships. You can’t keep one. Better learn to be happy with your auto erotic self stimulation. Loser asses.

      • That’s right. I know those type of women personally. The attach themselves to men that I wouldn’t give the time of day. Just to be able to say they got a man…Lmao I took some time for myself and the man that I am pleased with came along and vice versa. Some people should consider that

        • Before they constantly point out that someone doesn’t have a man. Some people have standards. Ok she has break outs, with the right dermatologist that can be solved. It’s not that serious. I still see a beautiful woman when I see her.

          • Lol some of you must have some issues as soon as someone points out kenya don’t have a man you jump. Kenya threw herself at Apollo and the tow truck driver and she’s still single. She can’t get a man cause she’s ugly and has a bad attitude not cause she’s picky

            • Exactly! She sho buff made the first move on Apollo! I saw that episode! Apollo is fine! That what Kenya said.

            • DaRa1 I remember that moment like it was yesterday, and you know that Phaedra remembers it too.

          • Apollo sure was willing to risk a marriage to get with her even though he has a wife that supports him financially, defends him no matter what he does, and a wife that knows he don’t want her.

            • No matter what kenya is just a piece of ass and idk about the rest of you but I felt like apollo talked to her like you talk to a hoe you just wanna f*ck. dog or not he straight played her

            • Why wouldnt he want that ole beat up liver lined box when she beats it like a drum whenever he’s around with her. Kenya is desperate with her horny no man having ass. Guys like super obvious and its not like he would have had to pay to take her out on dates . Anyway, that crafty Bish is pushing 50 and k now a few tricks . After all that box has seen mire mileage than a UPS truck.

      • Bye Kenya. none of them paid a man to act like their man. Or have an imaginary African Prince. Walter played you dumb ass, took your money and bounced. All you do is parade around other bitches men. Bye pizza pizza

        • Then all of them are hoes cuz apollo was slobbing at tge mouth each an every time kenya was around. Some if yall sound insecure an a bitch like me will have u crying if u ever acted a fool while i was around. Bitches you dont ever let no other bitch know u insecure about yo man. Apollo still want kenya p*ssy til this day. Apollo actually likes kenya inside an out. Phaedra cant do shit with him an he look at her like his antie! Lol


          WTF is Kenya DOING ON THE SHOW??????????

            • Season one, Nene, Deshawn, Lisa were all married. Sheree was in the process of divorce. So yeah, it was mostly wives and Kim, the professional mistress.

  5. Those other women will never like Kenya for two reasons. She is better looking than they are, and their husbands are attracted to her.

  6. Kenya get off here with these fake profiles aint no one jealous of you or your scrambled eggs if you were so smart you wouldn’t be on housewives in the first place

  7. Porsha Williams and James Harden have two things in common one they’re both black and two “Beards”.Ha.Ha..

  8. Ok Kenya did not get her ass beat as it was said. Dummy just pulled her hair and yes kenya can and should of beat the hell out of her. Why pull her hair because hers is real and horse face hair is not.

    • Buss this!!! Christopher Williams used to smash Kenya back in the day & he told me “Kenya’s p*ssy smells like shit but her head game is the bomb.”

      • You can tell that something went down between them. But could it be that it was Christopher Williams’ own d*ck that was smelling ratchet?

      • We all know that’s a lie, kenya doesn’t have a p*ssy just a tucked back dick

        • Black women are so jealous of pretty black women, but will defend some ugly ghetto black woman, especially if she is fat. No wonder so many people talk bad about black women. Don’t know what Porsha looks like without all that weave, and Porsha is not ugly but that weave is a ghetto mess.

          • Exactly lotoon. Especially if the pretty woman is chocolate. It’s pretty deep. I’ve experienced that all my life. For what ever reason a really pretty dark skin woman is so threatening.

      • Wow.Kenya got stink VaJane?You can’t have the Twirl Movement with stink Box.Her stock just plummeted like BlackSunday.

        • How would Porsha know what her VJ smell like? She had a husband that she said did not want to have sex with her, so maybe she is getting Kenya’s VJ confused with the smell of her own.

      • That explains a lot Jacky! Maybe she should stop being such sn antagonistic bitch and invest in some FDS.

      • Christopher Williams is a drunk, just like that Bronx/Mt. Vernon crew, Stacey Dash, the one who beat Hallie Berry and went to jail.
        Very sad, a talented crew that didn’t know how to grew, so they just get drunk and high and pretend it is still 1991

  9. That was not a beat down just some hair pulling and a drag out. If it was a beat down Porsha would have been charged with 1st degree battery or assault instead of a misdemeanor.

  10. LOL but Chris hit that. Both ways LOL so that’s why he got mad at the pillow party. I can see the escort thing. But Porsha mad because she can’t even do that correctly. She spills too much.

  11. Kenya called the police because she knows documentation trumps all. If it’s not documented it didn’t happened. She had a police report done and a 911 call on a recorded line in case she had to defend herself. If she ever had to whoop Porsha’s a** There can be a report on file indicating that she has been having issues with Porsha and she can claim self-defense. I don’t think the ladies are jealous of Kenya. I think they are just fed up with her. She is rather annoying, emotional, and complain all the time. Not really an enjoyable person. Kenya is not aging well. Her skin looks terrible and she never wears a shade of lipstick that looks becoming on her. Kenya has the divide and conquer mentality. In the South we stick together (ie Civil Rights Movement). She should watch out and stop letting Andy fill her head up before she gets black balled. Btw that is a horrible pic of Kenya Moore posted above.

    • You hoes in the south r trash an a bunch of followers then cuz us city chicks we dont folliw an stick to bullshit. Blackbailed from ghetto trash? Right! Them hoes in atl on a small scale compared to real boss bitches. Looks like they take care of niggas in the south in fear of not jus women… men too. Kenya from detroit an im chicago allday an we dont do that shit. City women keep it ruff rugged a raw! Kenya need to leave gay ass atl cuz that shit infested with fags an low insecure self esteem bitches. Run kenya Run! Lol Fyi, not all southern chicks but most are gullible an will do anything for a man.

    • You jealous of kenya as well bitch. Scorpio women r whores an r very jealous an sneaky. Materialistic an dumb wen it comes to men. Freaks also but it dont matter how much p*ssy u gv a nigga , If he gon stray… He strays! Scoripio girl is a jealous ass hoe.

      • Southern women are followers? Let’s not forget that the majority of HBCUs are in the South. Black women make up a large percentage of the student body of Spellman, Clark, Southern, Grambling, Tuskegee, Meharry, FAMU, Hampton, Dillard, Prairie View, and a host of others. Dr. Mae Jemison, Oprah Winfrey, Rosa Parks and Mary McLeod Bethune and a lot of your black freedom fighters are from the South and they are not followers. Our fights and battles aren’t the same as yours. We know how to be bosses and still have poise and grace something Kenya lacks. As you stated city women are rough around the edges and try to be so hard they don’t carry themselves in a romantic and elegant way. Women like Chrissy Lampkin comes to mind when I think of a city woman. Kenya needs to dismiss her melodramatic “valley girl” delusional self and grow up. She was intimidated by Porsha’s family heritage and marriage to Cordell Stewart. She was pure jealous at the charity event. She can say it was because of a misunderstanding of her title but it was deeper than that. I believe all of those accusations that she was a prostitute and escort. It’s so obvious in the way she carries herself and how she thinks. No woman of class would want to be associated with her. As far as scorpio women we won’t go there.

  12. Christopher Williams sure has good taste in women. Halle Berry, Stacey Dash, Kenya Moore and whoever else. Chris likes women with confidence and intelligence. Both Kenya and Halle won beauty pageants. I dont know what happened to Chris career probably drugs.

  13. I really hope that Porsha doesn’t get fired for the fight. If you are going to fire Porsha than you need to FIRE Kenya as well. Kenya provoked her with the props. I’m sorry but Kenya was warned and she kept doing it, bottom line you reap what you sow. I do not condone fighting but I understand why Porsha did what she did. I probably would have reacted the same way but way worse. Kenya would have found that Blow Horn and Scepter lodged in her butt. I love me some Andy but I was truly disappointed in how he handle the situation. I blame Andy as well, he should of taken the props away. Sticking a Scepter in someone’s face is going to get some kind of reaction no matter who the person is. Kenya is a weak ugly (on the inside) bully, she would have never done that to Ne Ne, Kandi or Phaedra. Bottom line Kenya thought Porsha was weak and wouldn’t do anything, boy she was wrong.

  14. This was all a setup by Nene and Phaedra. They kept saying we talked about this as if they knew Porsha wanted to fight.Nene put her hands over her mouth because Porsha kept running her mouth like a little toddler having a temper tantrum.

  15. both women are cute, but both of them need to grow up. really why are you bringing props to a reunion show? why are you letting this woman get under your skin and having you embarrass yourself on national television. seem to me they both have a lot of growing up to do and they should do it off camera

    • I like the look of your site and your products sound YUMMY!!! I plan on placing an order!!

      Is that pretty lady June your mother?

  16. Thats why people should learn to fight with their words and not their hands. Then you wonder why the murder rate is so high in the black community. Isnt Porsha’s grandfather a civil rights leader. He’ s turning in his grave right now. Everybody is quick to joke about Kenya needing meds but Porsha needs them more.

    • Shut up Chile, getting snatched don’t have shit to do with the black community. Like I said the new jersey housewives husbands threw those hands, I mean we’re rumbling. The Italians didn’t scream “your making Italians look bad”. And Andy Cohen didn’t fire them either

      • Oh yes, I forgot about that. Another case of people fighting and not getting fired. See, Andy is inconsistent. Whatever he fired Porsha for, it wasn’t because she pulled that witches matted fur.

  17. What I didn’t see a whooping all I saw was hair pulling,and Kenya popped up like it didn’t even faze her and told Porsha she was fired.

    Now if Porsha is fired “according to tamara tattles” I believe it had nothing to do with the fight,and more to do with Andy & “em” were looking for reason to get rid of her and she played directly into Kenya hand.

    I seen better fights on youtube

    • Well I agree it was not a beat down BUT it damn sho was a snatching and a dragging. LOL. Porsha snatched the hell out of Kenya and then dragged her like a lion dragging his kill back to his cave. Andy claims he hasn’t decided if Porsha was fired. But let’s remember this is not the first time a snatching happened on this show. Sheree snatched Kim’s wig literally and she got to stay on. So, who knows what is going to happen in the end. Andy is full of shit. The numbers would triple if he keeps Porsha and I think that may be too juicy for old fruity Andy to pass by. lol

  18. Man Kenya is a bully who sold so many wolf ticketz that her ass needed to be kicked…she wanted to get rid of that girl and it worked && the rest of them hoes better take a note or two because that bitch is the devil in Prada…

  19. The gays love Kenya and prefer to be around her and love her style because she is a real woman and a true documented beauty queen.

    If u notice when a gay man chooses to be friends with a straight woman he will always choose a grade
    A top of the line beauty queen.
    I also think Cynthia is very pretty also.

    • “If u notice when a gay man chooses to be friends with a straight woman he will always choose a grade
      A top of the line beauty queen.”

      Ummmm…Ma’am or Sir, have you ever heard the term fag hag? Not to be derogatory, however, there is a reason for that term. Most gay men are busted. Their female hangers on are even more tore up than they are, truth be told. All together women don’t hang out with gays.

      Kenya cannot get along with other women. That Miss USA title has gone to her head and she never got over it even though it was truly the highlight of her career.

      You would never catch Vanessa Williams, Suzette Charles, Debbie Turner or any of the other black women with beauty titles on TV doing the shit this classless broad is doing. She wants to come off as sophisticate and educated but Kenya’s ass is half crazy. Part of it is an act but her stank attitude towards other women is not and I LIKE Kenya but I gotta call it like I see it.

  20. Fuck u Kenya , u gone go for the throat about her man and then call the cops cuz she tried to wrench ur damn neck

    • Why is it okay for Porsha to talk about Walter or Kenya’s African “prince?” Porsha is a weak bitch who can dish it but can’t take it. Kenya owned her ass on that stage and then goaded the fool to physically attack her. No respect for Porsha at all.

  21. Educated peeps pull childish antics 2 antagonize peeps. As 4 hair who gives a damn. Real or not. It’s the level of intelligence underneath that counts. Obviously Kenya was lacking. As 4 get n her ass whooped. Well porsha did drag her ass. This is 4 Alexis.

    • It wasn’t fake, it was a real graveside service with her auntie presiding. Kenya was not acting either…she was crying buckets of tears. It made me very sad because my little “baby girl” with fur died this year too.

  22. Porsha was pissed because she thought to humiliate Kenya by pulling out extensions which DID NOT happen. When there was no hair in her hands, all she could do was cry from embarrassment and play as if she doesn’t know what overcame her. I’m sure the ladies had a few side bar convo’s before show time and she got amped up to try Kenya…#epicfail

  23. So…. Kenya has trained with Israelis


    I’ll just say are we surprised who is running this negative campaign on black women…

    Hint: God’s SUPPOSED Chosen….. NOT!

    • She was wearing a red dress. Let’s see if she switches it up on the future and starts predominantly wearing just black and white.

  24. Clash of stank personalities and all we are getting is “her hair is better than hers”? This “mine is bigger than yours” mentality is f*cked up. Wtf?

  25. Kenya & all of her antics r so over the top. Give me a break. Instead of antagonizing peeps go fix yo damn face. Proactive is alive & available.

  26. It’s funny that Kenya is on here commenting under alias names and you can tell it’s her by the way she formulates her sentences. Apollo clowns her and could have had sex with her if wanted to. She fugged and sucked her way through Hollywood and is still broke. You can tell that she smells, is ashy and has dirty feet.

    • Lol…I know right? She’s pathetic. I think she either is or if friends w that Queen Moe character, and her gay minion from the show posts here too. They swear they r incognito and I Lmao about it. One time someone called Kenya put about there being something funky in het “Denmark”, and queen mow responded ” why u Cate how MY p*ssy smell”. Dead giveaway, lol.

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