Eric Williams: “I Have No Home”

NBA: Eric Williams Broke & Homeless

Reports are pointing to Eric Williams as a man who’s claiming he’s homeless to a Colorado court. But that doesn’t seem to be a story dude’s keeping consistent with. Know why? In a recent Tweet, the NBA baller-turned-reality star appears to be blaming his baby momma for the “gossip”.

Eric Williams Homeless

It all stems from his child support case.. dating back to November of 2013. That’s when sources say Williams was M.I.A. after a Colorado judge ordered him to pay up nearly $25K to the mother of his 13-year-old son. Williams’ ‘I’m homeless’ explanation for why he’s remained absent has just surfaced…

“I’m in the rebuilding stages of my life.”

Here’s the latest:

“He wrote to a Colorado court recently explaining why he could not attend a child support hearing in CO earlier this month.

Among the reasons, Williams says a “court-ordered citation for me to appear was not delivered to my home address as I have no home.’

In his letter, Williams says he is currently a volunteer at an unnamed non-profit organization — and says his financial situation is so dire, he can’t afford airfare and has no money to pay a lawyer.”


  1. I’m finding this hard to believe. Eric seems to be a smart dude, if anything he frontin si he can get out of paying that child support. I can see him now, ” that bit$h ain’t getting my hard earn money son, these hoes ain’t loyal”.

  2. These men that choose to lay up with these women that they suddenly now don’t like , want or respect need to do right by their children.I can’t stand dead beat men, who lie to avoid financially supporting their offspring. Does he even spend time with the kid?

    • Lol…let’s have a friendly concversation MissK. Now speaking of these men that lay up with women and then don’t like them. Scroll back up, take a good look at that photo and tell me that the woman that he slept with actually liked him. Further more, I have never heard a woman say that EW is a dashing motherf*cker, never even heard a woman say that he was remotely cute or even “caveman handsome”. Now keep in mind that women are very calculated when it comes to getting pregnant because they always take into consideration what the child will look like. Now again scroll back up and think about what you would say or do if you “accidentally” got pregnant from EW….lol. He might be guilty of being delinquent on child support but she is definately guilty of f*ckin for a buck. Don’t take my comment to serious cause I’m just having fun…..but it should make you say Hmmmmm

        • LMMFAO, yeah the scrolling up keeps you from being able to deny the truth when it shows it’s ugly face…..pun intended….lol

      • It was bad enough looking at his fugly mug one time. No need to torture ourselves…

      • Eddie…you have outdone yourself with that! I am literally howling out loud to the point where my neighbor just climbed up on a chair to look over my fence! That scroll up shit!!! Damn u are one funny dude.

      • Preach! I would never let a hideous looking creature like him come within 100 yards of me let alone my vajayjay. You know his breathe stank, probably sweats garlic and metallic alloys and…. “clutching my pearls”. Golddigging is not worth that price! No decent man would ever take me seriously after lying down with that uncouth cretin.

      • Okay Eddie Long’s Hairpiece, I am picking myself up off the floor with laughter!

      • What grown ass woman is basing who would make a good father strictly off his looks? So you blame the chick for needing/wanting $ for her offspring? #killurself

        • Whoooa Kimosabe, first off you decided to skip the part of the post that said “don’t take my comment too serious, I’m just having fun”. Second, nobody said that anyone decided if a guy would make a good father strictly off of looks, i said women take it into consideration. And who blamed the Woman for wanting money for the child? I said he was dinq on his child support, and that she f*cked for a buck. Who said she was wrong for wanting her CS, not me. All the shit you got pissed about, manifested in your own head. You telling a whole lot about yourself on this thread. And you telling people to kill themselves, no one has to tell you that because if you don’t learn how to read and comprehend better, you gonna drive off a cliff or some shit. Relax, take a breath


    • Don’t believe the Hype dude is playing broke to avoid high child support for his recent child.

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    • Your screen name made ne flatline. I thought it was weird that NeNe suddenly has edges.

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  6. A lot of black male athletes end up broke after their playing days are over…The Truth! Stank Money is the correct term for cats like Eric, money flushed down the drain. He’s behaving like a typical corny-ass brotha, running from responsibility.

      • @Anonymous

        It’s not just the agents, the entire system is rotten to the core. As blackmen, we need to take a step back from sports anyway. Basically, we’re enriching white folks at our own expense.

  7. Even when they make more than city employees they are still negligent with child finances. This puts me in my Gov.George Wallace in front of the school house door admist national guard desegregation stance type mood. Yet these women lay up and continue to spawn with these monkeys. With the exception of DWayde Im starting to think these men in sports and entertainment sign a seperate deadbeat dad clause.

    • You are always in a gov. George Wallace mode you little loser kraKKKa, no one cares about your racist opinions.

      Now go and stick to the stats by killing your depressed unemployed, “I cannot find my white privilege today” self.

      • Race shaming Blacks for being “non-stereotypical”
        is a tiresome HSK meme practiced by haters.

        Grow up.

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