Dame Dash Puts Steve Stoute On Blast!

Dame Dash versus Steve Stoute

While Steve Stoute boasts about having the likes of Jerry Seinfeld repp’in his ‘Tanning of [Corporate] America’ agenda, Dame Dash is takin’ it back to Fif’s recent break down of dude.. backin’ Fiddy, 100!!!

“He’s wack and he makes everyone around him look wack… beware!” ~Dame Dash

Check what Dame took to IG to say:

“Ha! Steve Stout stays getting punked… bu I have to agree with 50 on this one… he is one of the most dangerous people in our culture… he makes artists from our culture make themselves corny by working for corporate so he can personally gain…”

50cent vs Steve Stoute

Peep Steve Stoute’s last social media blast:

Dame Dash vs Steve Stoute on Instagram

Was the Seinfeld set filled with certain cast members uttering racist slurs? I think so. Know why? Check this archive footage of ‘Kramer’:



  1. Dame Dash needs to be worrying about his legal troubles. Lol. If Im not mistaken both Steve Stout and 50 cent still have jobs and an income. Im sure Dame wishes he could go back to the rockefeller days with Jay z when he had a job and money was coming in.

    • I may be wrong but I believe Dame and Jay’s parting may have been a blessing in disguise. Money isn’t everything.

      • Dame should of saw that Handwriting way in advance because when you’re business partner sets up shop in the DefJam offices and never sets foot in the Rocafella offices something is Afoot.Unfortunately,Dame had to learn that the hard way.

  2. I agree with dash and 50.puff went upside Steve dome with the champagne bottle,and even has said in one of his songs that he lost trust for Steve Stoute.Homie sounds like a rat.

      • Nas stopped dealing with stout yrs ago stout was trying to make him a corporate mascot like he help make Jay z that

  3. I bet you won’t breathe the words Jay Z through your teeth and tell the truth. Thats all of it. @ Dame “DownToMyLastDollar” Dash

  4. Stoute also lied about playing football at Syracuse.
    He should have named it “The Whitewashing of Hip Hop”

  5. Yea dame just fall back and don’t comment unless it’s in camel toe lips. It’s so funny cus dame was the man ctfu damn homie f*ckin what jay u was the man homie haha what the f*ck happen to u?

  6. Everytime this Ashy Bum nigga Damon Dash opens his mouth he’s taking a indirect subliminal shit at JayZ.Nigga,you got JaRule’d,so move on and stop this pessimistic bullshit!He knows Stoute associates with JayZ..

    • He never made millions.Jay made him millions and as you can see without Jay in a Juxtaposition Dame is a below average Baller.

      • Wow I didn’t know that’s what happened with Biggs. That was a ridiculous move he made.

      • Once Jay forced a early buyout out of Dame’s Rocawear Shares the deal was initially around 30 Million,but Dame only netted about 7to10Million of that in cash.So,in reality Jay screwed him once again along with those Russians.

  7. Stoute, like Dame, has always been a character. According to The Source magazine (In the midst of its Benzino-led ‘war’ with Eminem, 50, Dre, & eventually Interscope Records), Stoute was forced to wear lipstick by some artist he was working for in the late early ’90s, and was chased down the street by Foxy Brown for whatever reason. That’s in addition to all the other issues he’s had with Puffy, Nas, 50 Cent, and Cormega, just to name a few. To paraphrase Katt Williams: “If people have been saying the same shit about you for 20 years, maybe it’s you.”

  8. Some of u people are so brainwashed, u believe anything that the media reports. Dame Dash is fully independent of the corporate world. This man works for himself, and has several businesses that are alive and successful doing very from the fashion industry to the oil industry. Do ur research a lot of us should take notes b/c it appears to me his split for Jay z was a blessing in disguise, not being in the public eye all the time doesn’t mean ur broke.

  9. Everyone has a role to play which is way Hip-hop is a cultural world wide monster, I can’t agree with DAME DASH on this one

  10. Ppl talk shit bout certain blacks being sellouts but when a dude like Dame who his black owned call out these sellouts ppl talk shit bout him u niggas is confused

  11. I think 50 fine ass a muter f*cker in that photo with him checking that fool…I like that testosterone type shit…..good picture!!
    Who don’t love a real man when he checking another man and not a female…Too many men want to fight the ladies but punk down and out when confronting another strong male….I smell a Alpha DOG!!!! Momma likes….

    • Are you forgetting this negro made threats against his child and the child’s mother. And many believe he had the house he bought her set on fire with her AND HIS SON still inside? Have you heard the video of him cursing his own child out? You sound like a straight up hood rat. I’m not into zoo animals and Shitty Scents is like Manilla Gorilla to me. He’ll run up in the face of Stout or some of these other sugar cookie men. I promise you he will never charge a real man.

  12. Dead on about the Seinfeld set. How many black people worked on that show in any capacity, in front of or behind the cameras? I bet ZERO. Seinfeld is still trying to prove he’s not a racist after that Michael Richards N*gga rant. Jerry Seinfeld is the kind of cracker who will ride his Benz through the hood bumping Gay-Z and click his locks every once in a while to make sure they’re locked. Anybody racist crackers like Seinfeld “like” is suspicious to me.

  13. This is the same fella who endorsed amex fundeded fancy.com(though i have used it) people with -2 million dollar networths in glasshouses shouldnt throw stones.

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