Kendu Isaacs Hospitalized, Is Mary to Blame?

kendu isaacs hospitalized

According to Kendu Isaacs, his divorce from Mary J. Blige has been so difficult, it landed him in the hospital!

Court docs obtained by sources say: “[Isaacs] has experienced physical manifestations of stress and emotional distress from this matter, which has caused him to become hospitalized.”

Mary’s estranged hubby also claims he’s now “unemployable,” it’s “impossible” for him to pay his rent, and without Mary’s $30K a month in spousal support, he would be “destitute.

He’s still asking for the judge to increase his spousal support to $65K a month.


  1. Well he better be ready to pay some medical bills sounds like he going to be in and out the hospital trying to finess his increase…how about living within your means jackass

  2. This fool is crazy! In this case i dnt think the judge shld have awarded his ass anything. He was working as her manager, even after the marriage, so his ASS had an INCOME…..on top of spending her damn money. A damn shame his lazy ass is trying ride this shit until the wheels fall off smmfh!

  3. I’m a MJB fan, but women do this, so you can’t complain when men do it. If anything she shoud sue him for fraud because it seems like a hustle from day one.

    Seems like more men are doing this.

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