Did Blogger Fameolous Extort Offset?


    offset fameolous

    Blogger Fameolous allegedly had a video of Offset engaging in a sex tape with his baby mama. To prevent the footage from being leaked, he reportedly offered to pay off the blogger. But when they met up to exchange the cash, things obviously went left.

    Fame posted a photo of the racks Offset gave her, alongside the caption saying he stole her car key to try and “hold her hostage.”

    offset fameolous



    1. ***Skeptical*** The keys still have to be within a certain range for the car to continue working. If not, the car shuts down.

    2. http://www.gossipofthecity.com is a scam !!!!! She humiliates her own paying customers. Beware if you make a mistake or make a comment she doesn’t agree with you will be blocked. She tries to use that “Support a black business” then turn against her own paying customers. SMH Save your money or you will have to go through a bank to get it back.


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