Kelly Rowland’s Baby Bump Spells Shotgun Wedding!

Kelly Rowland Baby Bump

From the looks of the pic Kelly Rowland just put out there, it’s very plausible that the singer was already pregnant when she married Tim Witherspoon last month.

You’ll recall… it was May 9th when Kelly and Tim reportedly exchanged nuptials. That would be exactly one-month and 11-days ago… and that baby bump appears to be somewhere around the four-month mark in pregnancy. Don’t you agree?


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  1. Even if she married to keep the media/public off her for having baby out of wedlock, GUD for Her. Congrats

  2. Women act like getting married is bad time repellent or some shit. He looks like a loser. And she don’t earn much. How long have they known each other?

    • You sound like a hater. And I’m sure she is earning more than you and I bet his bum ass earning more than you too. Are you mad because no one wants your miserable ass?

      • Bitch I get an opinion just like you. I make a couple dollars but that aint the point. Marriage aint no silver bullet. Peep bobby and Whitney and their f*cked up offspring. So f*ck off.

        • Thank you, people act like people dont cheat when they are married, gay men get married to look strait, immigrant s marry to become citizens, gold digging women marry for money, marraige is a buisness contract and has nothing to do with love

      • And wash ur hands before you put my fries in the bag. You just touched some money.

  3. I love Kelly Rowland and Tim is a very lucky man. He is her manager, worth five million dollars, so he’s doing ok. I wished she had gotten with another celebrity, but thats not for everyone. Congrats to them both.

  4. At one point Kelly was being managed by both Devyne Stephens and her now husband Tim Weatherspoon. Tim didnt like Devyne and had Kelly fire him. Tim made his move and proposed to Kelly and she said yes. I think Kelly was better off with Devyne.

  5. Now that’s what a real pregnant belly looks like. It may have been a shotgun wedding but I’m happy for Kelly.

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      It’s happened to several of us over the past 6 months. If it’s any comfort to you, they usually stop after a couple of days.

  10. I like Kelly she seems really nice. I hope she have a happy beautiful healthy blessed baby.

  11. You Beyonce jealous ass is sittin somewhere maaaad as hell about Kelly showing her pregnant belly…like normal pregnant women do

  12. Its still a bastard it was concieved in lust and the union was forced. But in this day in age no one believes in order or family planning. Know of someone who hosted their graduate school cookout, baby shower and wedding reception on the same day and the blushing bride was 5 weeks due. Talk about a semi-automatic wedding. Wish Kelz the best. I like seeing skinny folk pregnant.. Hope her baby is healthy and doesnt look old due to geriatric sperm. shocked she didnt settle for those rich white guys she dated on the European circuit. I must commend him for making an honest woman out of her and she not having mixmatched surnames or a line of astericks beside Father: on the birth certificate, like many. -thumping bible, torah and koran-


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  15. As long as Kelly is happy with her life, her new family, why judge just be happy for her sheesh

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  18. People need to get off the bastard out of wedlock trip. Especially after a couple marries. Damned if they do or don’t.

    Here’s a point to ponder: the immaculate conception of Jesus Christ. His mother was pregnant out of wedlock whether she was virgin @ conception or not. She married Joseph who became Jesus’ earthly father. As it was, Jesus was a bastard at the time of conception (no offense, I’m a believer), by social definition. However, G*d had to step aside and Joseph (not the father) married her so that the child of G*d would not be born out of wedlock, the manner in which he was conceived. Think about it.

  19. Kelly was married and preggars overnight. Nowadays it seems women have babies only because their clocks are ticking. What happen to marriage and babies because I love you and want to spend my life with you. Life has become strange.

  20. Stop calling this kids a what what if she was pregnant before she got married people always throwing stones.

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