Beyonce Pregnant? The ‘Bey Baby Bump’ Watch Is On!


Word of Beyonce being pregnant with baby number two is spreading! This, alongside countless reports that Bonnie is about to bounce on Clyde… which would end The Carters six-year marriage. “Beyonce is indeed pregnant,” says a source. “It’s a little detail that has made her think very carefully about how to handle that little rumor about Jay Z cheating with Rachel Roy… and Rita Ora and Rihanna.”

“She has said she “would like more children,” and that “my daughter needs some company.”

Here’s what a source reveals:

“Bey was thrilled for a hot minute about this pregnancy – but now she is feeling more than a little trapped and obligated to try and work through the mess and shade that inevitably goes with being Jay’s wifey.”


  1. So she’s going to tour pregnant?
    She must be only a little bit pregnant. People gonna be watchin every little sip she takes of whatever on this tour. Whatever city she pukes in it’ll make CNN.

    • Remember she was pregnant with Blu and touring. So it’s believable. Maybe she will carry this one for real.

      • She’s not pregnant. This is an excuse to stay with that lying, cheating man of hers. She will stay with him and then a press release will come out stating that she lost the baby. Just more fakeness and bullshit to keep the masses in their business. Beyonce is not woman enough to leave Gay Z.

        • I co-sign
          Also I believe Jay iis prob holding the surrogate secret (Blu) over her head as a threat if she leave. She will continue to live in her house of Lies on Fake Streer

          • Which is an excellent reason why he never jumped to her defense when she was getting dragged for life. Crafty Camel.

            • Exactly what I said on another blog hat I never heard him defend her or say ‘Bey is pregnant’ in he media

        • It’s probably also an attempt to get some of the attention off pregnant Kelly Rowland. Probably getting a firm pillow ready about now.

  2. There’s no working through this marriage. Solange crossed the line in that elevator and so has Jay Z with all his cheating.

  3. she should just wait until Blue Ivy is 5-6 yrs. old to pop out another kid… or just adopt or hire a surrogate.

    a lil bit of tea: Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy a whole month before her “official” due date that was announced (yep she gave birth in December of 2011). which might explain her looking so thin when she came out of the hospital (liposuction probably, because the last pics seen of Beyonce before her bedrest showed her on a security cam looking big as hell. her PR team squashed those photos right away)

      • Slurrrrrppp! I knew she was pregnant. But just like she said them clothes were getting tighter and tighter and her mom made those fronts gathers in front of her outfits. I knew something wasn’t right then.

    • I’m not going to say too much…but….ok she might have been in the hospital getting Lipo. But she didn’t give birth to blue ivy. Blue is older than they say tho.

    • Ummm your tea is lies! Because I know for 100000% fact that Beyonce DID NOT birth Blue! I am friends with some industry people and I know a few of her/Solange friends from Houston on FB. Bey was not pregnant at all. So her giving birth is December 2011 like you claim is not true!

      • I agree. She didn’t give birth to that baby. This is why the bond isn’t there. If she actually gave birth to that child she would have a strong bond which would make her at least want to comb the child’s hair.

      • Jen
        O please,Beyonce did have that baby,who cares about ur so called industry friends,they dont know shid,if that were the case tell em to catch Solange talking about it on tape then thats when I will believe,Beyonce is like any other bitch,she got pregnant f*cking Jayz,she aint above any other chick on this planet.

        • all mothers don’t love their children naturally.

          bey like other celeb moms hire nannies to raise the kids and only take pics with their kids to show a fake happy image.

        • A woman with a body shape like Beyonce’s would have gained more than she did during her “pregnancy” with Blue. I know she claimed to gain 60lbs but that is another one of Beydunce’s lies. She is not a naturally thin woman so common sense should tell you her thighs, hips and butt would have been huge by month 5 or 6.
          All we saw was a constantly inflating and deflating belly and a chubby face. She wasn’t pregnant.

          • And she wouldnt have been able to wear.6inch heels walking around, and then she claimed breastfeeding but then she said they had her.on a diet, you cant breastfeed and be on a diet at the same time, plus breastfeeding makes hou loose weight anyway and there would have been no need for a diet just to add on to what u said

            • Beyonce’s stupid lies are the reason why I stopped being a fan of hers. I know they all lie but damn she could at least be a little more intelligent about it.

      • After the infamous collaspsing belly I refuse to believe she gave birth. She had the most shadiest pregnancy I’ve ever seen for a celebrity.

        • She would’ve done “The Demi” on every mag cover if she was really pregnant. The belly folded and so did her story

      • I agree too, that broad ain’t have no baby(I don’t see why not), and they saying this chick is 39.

    • Damn, I almost believed her…was about to rethink all of my dislike for Bey. Ah well lol.

      • Now that they know we are on to them the fixers are getting my h more savvy. Their latest techniques are to pretend there is no such thing as a fixer lol. the good ones are on here all under the radar and folksy,lol

    • So, it was a 7 mos pregnant belly that folded on TV? And at 6 mos she’s at the Tory Burch opening looking like there’s maybe a Popeye’s dinner in her belly?

      The heffa wants us all to believe she was some supermodel and carried like Gisele Bundchen or something. GTFOH she was never pregnant.

    • Maybe the surrogate gave birth in December. Beydummié was interviewed during the infamous belly-folding show and she herself stated that her due date was in February.

      Of course, due to her lack of formal education, it’s possible that in October Bey was like, “uhhhh…..if imma 5 months gone now, 4 months from now is Decembuhhh, yeah oh but that’s in 2 months….oh yeah 5 + 2 = 9 yeeeeeah”

      #stay in school

  4. Ugh!! Why do people think she hasn’t known about his cheating ways??? This may be news to the masses but she BEEN knew!!! There’s WAY more we don’t know!! Even their “candid” pics are specifically selected!!

  5. U see how Solange standing next to Beyonce? Sol is not playing no more about her sister.

  6. CONGRATS! Bey!!!, if this is true??? All I know is Solange is looking GREAT & in ALL her GLORY right here…I”M LOOOVING her HAIR!!!


    interviewer-So I know you are excited about Kelly being pregnant
    Beyonce- Uh yes Kelly is amazing.

    Interviewer-I’m sure you will be glad to offer her advice on being a first time mother like yourself right?

    Beyonce-Yes she can call my surrogate …uhm I mean she can call my number anytime I’n here for her.

    Interviewer-How is baby Blue Ivy doing?

    Beyonce-Who? …oh the child Blue is amazing.

    Interviewer-Why did you say “The child” as if she’s a stranger to you?

    Beyonce -I’m sorry my mind was on my “On the run ” tour .Did you know it’s almost sold out ?

    Interviewer-Look bitch let’s stop with the bullshit and talking in circles.That’s why I didn’t want to interview your robotic, rehearsed ,scripted ass……my time is important I have others to interview.

    Beyonce- Well Jay and I are…..

    Interviewer-Listen did you hire a surrogate to carry your baby and why can’t the surrogate comb and style little Blue Ivy’s hair?

    Beyonce- Jay and I have learned to ignore the ridiculous rumors about our child and our life.

    Interviewr-Oh now she’s your child? ….Fuck it get out my office this is a wrap turn the cameras off before I put my foot up This woman’s ass.And don’t edit this interview in case I come up MISSING .You know how the Carter’s get down

  8. why beyonce got pregnant

    1, she got pregnant so jayz will stop cheating
    2, she got pregnant so she can get more attention
    3 she got pregnant so people to stop talking about solange and jayz fight

  9. She will NEVER let Kelly live lol probably passive aggression due to her being Matthew’s lovechild.

  10. Bey needs to roll-out like Tina did Ike. What kind of an example is she setting for Blue Ivy, by allowing Jigga to do his dirt between another woman’s sheets?

    • The Carters will be together until one of them falls off. They made the mistake of entangling their personal lives with their careers so they are now seen as a branded couple. There is no financial benefit in them divorcing now. It makes more sense to stay together in name only, take some “candid” photos for public consumption and while living separate lives.

  11. Solanges textured extensions are oft hit or miss. Beyonce looks as if shes sporting another ill-fitting House of Dereon original or breaking that revolving “vegan” diet of hers with more popeyes chicken waffle tenders w/ savory sweet honey maple dippin’ sauce – perhaps they are soy based. Preggers or not; without fitness coaches, corset training and surgery she would be on the executive board of #Team Chunk.

    • Laffing at “ill fitting House of Dereon”

      Has any of that stuff ever been right?

  12. is her and jigga divorcing or whjat.

    if beys tired of jigga cheating she should have said something years ago it wasn’t solange’s place to confront jigga about his cheating.

    why didn’t solange step to Rachel roy or Rihanna, rita ora, skylar diggings and all of jays other women.

    why don’t solange step to that white girl.

    still think if jay beat solanmge he would have been public enemy number 1 a rich high profile black man like jay would have been tore down by his white friends and endorsements.

  13. remember billy dee willaims hasn’t recovered from beating his white wife.

    we know oj hasn’t recovered and mj was hounded til his death.

    some folks are still mad at chris brown for beating Rihanna.

    ike turner is still being blasted and hes dead.

    yeah hitting solange would have done damage to jiggas career.

    where are all his white friends at now chris martin and ugly ass gweneth paltrow ain’t saying nothing.

  14. bey’s gets 5 million a child if she decides to divorde jigga.

    plus he has to give her 10 million, another 2 million for each year she was married to him, jay has to buy her a fleet of cars a private jet a 10 million dollar home and pay for all future kids college educations.

  15. All those miscariages bdemon cant get preggers. Who stomach folds while their pregnant? These industry demons will use all types of lies to get attention, and like before their will be idiots who believes her. They can take pics of them holding a gun but, i have not seen a pic of Camel kissing, nor rubbing her stomach with blue. We all know theses egomaniacs love attention. Thats why bdemon dont like kim k because she gave birth for real. Kim didnt sacrifice babies like she did for fame! Bdemon is a witch who cant bare children!

  16. Blind Item revealed on Crazydaysandnights: June 19, 2014- When people talk about Jay-Z and his mistresses, they often forget about a mainstay who has been there forever. She is the person he calls when he needs to be discreet and thinking about old times. She is that very short named R&B singer who hasn’t had a hit in awhile and doesn’t really even act or record any longer. She basically lives off the generosity of Jay-Z and a couple of other guys. She peaked at A-.

    Mistress: Mya

    Get more info on this Please.

  17. Beyoncé didn’t have Blue Ivy and she isn’t 33. She’s much older. Gabrielle Union already spilled the tea about Beyonce’s age. She said that her Bey were the same age.

      • So is Beyodel, give it take a few years. Otherwise you would have to believe that a 19 year old Gabby was really good friends with A 9 or 10 year old Bey.



  19. So this devil demonic ass bitch is so called pregnant again.smh giving birth to Satan’s kids.she gone burn in the hottest part of hell.

  20. I have never been so happy to see a farse exposed as I was when these two got exposed! They live a lie and now everybody knows so they are gonna try and come up with everything to keep the lie going…

  21. has anyone seen beyonce’s new video is called “haunted” is about a hotel with secrets the video is very
    disturbing. basically she look like a white man her face is pale and she’s got short blonde hair

    jayz mashed up her head before was a wholesome god loving type of girl but when she got with jayz he changed her
    before beyonce was privates she didn’t like attention but now she’s a attention seeker she will do anything for the cameras

    have you noticed when jayz phucks a female singer beyonces ruins their careers sort of like payback
    apparently jayz sexed ciara and beyonce copied ciara style and hair!!!!!!

    • Check out “the vigilant citizen” web blog
      There is a story about the “real haunted hotel” on there

      • Wasnt it the Cecil hotel? Where that woman was found in a water tank and she was on video acting weird, and there was a movie abour it too

        • Yeh that possession shit was full on. I’ve seen a few videos. That girl on the train. Even have a look 50 cent possession on u tube. It’s all the same head movement and the eyes.

            • I couldn’t see the eyes on the elevator chick but nearly all other possesses videos I see, their virtually carbon copies of each other when it comes to body movement.

  22. I wonder is Beyoncé going to expose her belly like Kelly doing hers. Kelly saying,”Bitch at least mines is Real! Where is yours?”

  23. This is an old picture, Beyonce is not pregnant!! Go look at some recent pics with her and blu over memorial day weekend she is flat as a board and skinny as all hellz.

    • Damn thats wrong to say about a baby, i cant stand bey but the little babies are innocent

      • I think Clint is implying that the baby was probably conceived under some sex magick act – the moon was full and the calendar added up to 6 6 6, like when Nori was born. So, technically, a Satan Baby is what the parents may have been trying to conceive.

        Of course, I don’t believe it’s possible; however, Hollywood keeps making Rosemary’s baby for a reason…

  24. While I wouldn’t believe Beyonce or her camp if they told me the sky was blue, I do not believe the “Beyonce is really 40” crap. I have seen pictures of Solange and Bey when they were little girls, and they look nearly the same age. IF Bey was truly 40ish, then Solange would have to be near 40 too(like 36, 37) and she obviously is not. The 2 stories which are bogus are that Bey is Solange’s mother and that Bey is Gabby’s age. Gabby isn’t exactly the most neutral and trustworthy source for info. For all we know, she may have a bug up her butt for Bey for something that happened years ago. She may have been in school at the same time and they still could be up to 6 years apart in age. I’m honestly NOT a Bey apologist, but there are plenty of wack stories about her that we know are true. This is a minor thing compared to her fake pregnancy.

    And seriously, does anyone really think she looks 40? In that self done short film for HBO she did last year there was lots of film of her without any makeup or fancy wigs/weave. she looked at her most beautiful without any of that shit and she looked like a 26 year old.

    • Yeah I think she’s about 40. She has those deep lines beside her mouth just like her mother, she just keeps them filled usually. That’s a dead giveaway because that doesn’t happen in your early thirties.

    • So, who was the baby crawling on the floor in the home video when she said bye to grandma and grandpa to go to the MJ concert? Have you seen the youtube video above. There are YEARS between them and the dates def don’t add up.

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