Christina Milian Turns In Jaz Prince For Tunechi?


Jaz Prince isn’t the only one Christina Milian left hanging after she reportedly packed up and bounce from his spizz, Thursday!

Source say… because she’s chosen-up with Tunechi, he pulled a no-show at last week’s H-Town event — where Jaz Prince declared June 10th the city’s ‘Drake Day‘.

Insiders reveal Milian and Weezy recently starting rockin’, supposedly “about a month ago.” She’s said to have now called off her two-year long engagement to Jaz Prince.

Just two-weeks ago, Weezy put this out there…


Last night, Jaz Prince posted this…


Peep Milian’s recent post…



  1. She’s been an industry whore for a longgggggggggggg time!!!!! She jumps from pocket to pocket.

  2. i guess dream pockets were not deep enough and ole boy was not packing enough funds to keep her,
    she can not sing and can’t act, she better put that cuch to use and pay for that lifestyle she is used to know.

  3. She’s stupid. It seems like JPrince was really into her. Weezy don’t wife em..he one nights em. #thesehoesaintloyal

  4. That generation of so called celebs are so lost. No talent no job skills no financial literacy. They will f*ck for happy meals for the rest of their lives.

  5. Random…I can’t stand the phrase “These hoes ain’t loyal” Their whores of course their not loyal, most men aren’t loyal. Get a real woman

  6. Man, these entertainers today are stupid as hell. Why are fools sharing the same ol’ recycled broads?

  7. Wanye needs phonics, misspelling words is not cool. Christina went from being almost wifed to a stable hoe? Say it aint so.

  8. I read Christina has been a slut since her high school years. She slept with Dre of( Cool n Dre) on the first night. She sleeps for beats.

  9. Christina better slow down. I read that Nivea slapped her twice for getting in between her and the dream. They both have kids by him.

  10. Nivea looks straight hood and would slap a ho. She reminds me of Tiny’s best friend Shekinah ghetto as hell. Lol.

    • Yeah she looked like the glassy eyed wig twisted auntie at Toya Carters wedding, jumping dead smack in the middle of the photo hand on hip, ass sticking out smiling. Couldnt even crop her out. All of the other ladies looked elegant. Was too funny.

  11. Well she may be a thot, but she must be a top desired “thot” apparently
    Being wifed 1x and engaged 2x

  12. Bangin cute chicks brings other cute chicks. It’s how yall think We just roll wit it.

  13. Man With The Gold Makes The Rules”Has Prince.Ask Lil Wayne. You should have smelled a Rat the day she signed to YoungMoney.

  14. LilWayne is her Rich Boss and Christina is known to have a Sweet Tooth for Rich men. She’s given a paycheck which means Lil Wayne pays her to stay in check.

    • too late wayne phuklked Christina years ago how you think she got a record deal yes birdman hit it too.

  15. Shes pretty like her mother, keeps her daughter dressed well and hair combed. If she needs to gold dig with Donald Sterling to keep up the lifestyle she has my blessing since she has been my muse and mentor for urban chic fashion since 2000. Wish that she would one day settle with a dude on the same aestethics level instead of Tunechi( is this ninja from cameroon now). But one professor told me first marriage is for money, second for love, third for fun/the show 🙂

    • she is gorgeous and I like her style which deprogrammed my daydress and uniform wearing color coordinated outfits imposed during childhood. She and Vashtie Kola(pharells ex) allowed me to blend into urban events and metro/tube stations worldwide. I owe those ladies alot.

  16. Well if she’s a whore for getting around and phucking whoever she damn well pleases in the industry, Weezy must be SUPER THOT!! MOFO got more babies mamas than I have bills! LOL

  17. lil wayne looks like a troll doll nothing sexy about him, do know why women wanna fall on his d*ck!!!!!!!!!!!

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