Katt Williams Slams Shaq & Russell Simmons: GET OUT OF COMEDY!


“I want my b*tch back, ya underdig me?” -Katt Williams

Katt Williams says the likes of Shaq, Russell Simmons and Marlon Waynes HAVE NO PLACE IN COMEDY! It appears that ‘Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam’ is the last straw that broke the camel’s back for Katt. That’s seems to be why the Pimp Chronicles one says he’s coming back to take what’s rightly his!

Check out what Katt’s putting down:

“He [Marlon Wayans] is not a comedian but we call him that though…

I think that Shaq and Russell Simmons should get out of comedy and stay in their lane. They don’t stay see us make a league of professional basketball players under six-foot — so what qualifies these dudes? ‘Cause they got a hundred million dollars to come over in comedy and do Shaq’s an all star… Get outta here, ya bum — before I take the rest of your girls!”


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  3. is she crying over that even older than bey bey ugly girl with good hair stealing all of jigga’s lyrics with that lame ass delusional letter to music? why? coulda neva. i laughed so hard. that shit was funny as hell.

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  5. I agree with juice mane…and I think shaq’s all star comedy shows are HILARIOUS he’s just making a platform for ppl to get on

    • Katt is the greatest comic alive today. Katt fills up 30,000 seat stadiums and even when he doesn’t show up, his fans are loyal and give him another chance. He’s right up there with Richard Pryor.

      • You have a point. He is a genius at writing and doing sketch comedy. I have seen him do some pretty good standup specials on HBO tho. But they were years ago.

        Chris Rock is the master of stand up in the mainstream/crossover arena, but Katt is still my favorite. When he is “on”, no one does it better.

      • Yes, he is. However, he need to slow down on the crack before he wind up like the Great Richard Pryor. Katt is AWESOME, but I worry about him. Uncle Rush didn’t let his drug use ruin his life/career. I don’t know if Shaq use or not; it’s not obvious. But, I am proud & happy for them all!

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    • 6, 7, 8, this is jacky’s site. #f*ckoff haters have a lot of hate. that shit is bad for your health. get well soon.

  7. Russell Simmons is a cooooooon!!! bufoooon! back in 2011 his white girlfriend said something about the black community
    just because she was f*cking a coon ass n!gga the pasty snow flake besides to speak up for whole black community

    white people need to know there place. they need to stay in their white lanes specially designed for white people looool
    no coloreds allowed type shyt!!!!

    • Im not a Big Russell simmons supporter but y’all do realize he put most of your favorite comedians that are hot now on back in the early 90’s right with this thing called Def Comedy Jam. So as Prez Obama says Russell helped build that lane that Katt is driving in. Katt Williams is cool but he be on one every now and then he does suspect isht. I understand he is being him, but he himself said those powers that be reached out and touched him and he learned he couldnt always say things without consequences. Russell simmons is suspect in many ways but he pioneered and gave black comics a weekly avenue to get their comedy to their fans uncensored and pick up lots of new fans while doing it.

      • Yes I agree that Uncle Rush has put many comics on the map. At first, I was confused/undecided how to reply to this topic because I agree with Katt; he is great! But, Uncle Rush helped or promoted comedy in another way. Now, Shaq need to sit his down & just stick to TV commercials. He’s getting good at that!

  8. I may be in the minority but I’ll take Katt’s comedy over Dave’s comedy any day of the week. Dave’s style is cutting it close (IMO) to being called “silly”, while Katt is not only funny but gives you something to think about. In other words…#TeamKattWilliams

  9. I cant with Marlon “least talented ” Wayans.. when he effed that doll in Scary Movie 2 just to get a TBS TV show.. I can’t. Usually it’s Shawn who did the gay stuff (screwing dogs, etc) ..

    Yeah, Katt had his cheetah print sex slave moment, but now he and TPTB have an “agreement “..

    Shaq. Oh Shaq. I get a disturbing visual when I think of him earning his money. Especially when he is shimmying with his Gold Bond.. probably how he shakes it for those old Joos..

    • Marlon is the personification of of The Wayans family as a whole, in that they are VERY hit or miss with their comedy, though their Cooning level is on a hunnid, easy. ‘In Living Color,’ ‘Don’t Be A Menace,’ ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,’ ‘Mo’ Money,’ ‘A Low Down Dirty Shame,’ ‘The Wayans Bros,’ the first two ‘Scary Movies,’ ‘My Wife And Kids (Even with their ‘Fresh Prince Aunt Viv’ switch w/the daughter lol)…When they’re good, they’re good.

      But then there’s the incident with a few of the guys telling Kevin Hart that he had to divorce his wife and get a white or light-skinned woman in order for him to be successful in Hollyweird, and many of them (The Wayans) trying HARD to breed the black out of their family with all the white and light-skinned spouses and mixed kids, and you get a real-life example of their Cooning depths. Be entertained at your own risk.

      “Message! (Keenan Ivory Wayans voice)”

      • I think Kevin would have cheated /divorced without Hollyweird encouragement.

        He hasn’t been funny since he wore that dress on SNL.
        I died with “alright alright alright “,and his coked out dad.. that stand up special was hilarious.
        His big screen stand up sucked, as he had already sold out.

        • Although Kanye was right (if anyone asks, I NEVER said that!)

          When you get on, leave your ass for a white girl..

        • Kev probably would have, and I never said there had to be a conspiracy in everything, so chill and don’t shoot the messenger lol:


          Scroll down until you see this post by DICE1234:

          “The Wayans told Kevin Hart to drop that dark skinned chick and get him a mulatto or a latina looking chick if he wanted to be considered for prime acting gigs…

          Its part of the programming that is currently being done to push the mixed race campaign on black people…THEY NEED OUR MELANIN and they are trying to get enough of it from us to survive…

          Thats why you’ll usually NEVER see a black leading actor with a brown skinned wife or actress playing opposite anymore…Thats why VIACOM will not hire a brown skinned host for 106 and Park…Theres an agenda and it has nothing to do with camera lighting or that other nonsense they say…LOL”

        • Yeah, I feel you on that. Kevin, like 50 Cent, gives very good interviews despite his/their public image(s). I find some of his stand-up funny and respect his and so many other black comics who have been grinding since I used to watch Def Jam & ComicView in the ’90s, but I probably won’t be watching any of his recent movies based off of what I’ve seen. And hell, it’s not like he’s going to be missing my money lol

          Let that man cook! lol j/p

        • Word? I don’t f*ck with BET, but I might check it out. I’ve always heard it was funny. Not to mention Kevin got my props/had me dying after he clowned the f*ck outta Jamie Foxx and Steve Harvey’s (non-existent) hairlines on Jamie Foxx’s ‘Foxxhole’ radio show some years back:


        • lol Yeah, they were straight clownin’ on there! None of ’em could f*ck with Kevin on the joke tip, though, but he was quick-witted like you should be when snappin.’

          “…I bet we all know what Jamie Foxx’s real age is if he stop coloring his hairline”

        • Sorry, I just can’t wIth Kevin Hart.
          Idk why I have such disdain for him.. he’s no different than any other sell out..
          I dislike him like I do Will Smith and Tom Cruise.. I just can’t.

      • I was so mad when they switched Vivian on fresh prince because i loved the dark skin Vivian and she was wayyy more talented than the light skinned one

        • The new one wasn’t funny. She was annoying and didn’t fit in.

          Too bad Will Smith was an ass to real Viv.
          I just don’t like the dude

  10. Katt Williams is the funniest comedian alive! I’m so glad the Powers That Be haven’t killed him yet. They tried to kill Tracey Morgan, but it didn’t work. I think Corey Holcomb is the second funniest comedian. I miss the 5150 show!

      • He’s so gross. Hes not funny or a good actor.

        Idk about the killing him… seems a little extreme to involve Walmart in the plot..

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