Ludacris Picks Up Pacman Beef!


Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones is jonesin’ to deliver Luda with an azz-whoopin’! Know why? The footballer is less than impressed with a recent IG post made by the the ATL emcee.

“Nice post. Now when I see you I’m beat your ass… Now post that #p*ssy”

Check it:




  1. This is too funny….what is he so mad about? Black people fight and get mad over the stupidest shit. A pathetic race of people. Only THE MOST HIGH can help us as a race. We got grown men who act like little boys. Totally underdeveloped.

  2. i want real stories hot tea JJ are u on vacay again cus this seems a like bossipish…

  3. i want real stories hot tea JJ are u on vacay again cus this seems a like bossipish…

  4. This is bullshit these stories are stupid ill be back when real tea is brewed whats happening to this site it has gon to the dogs im out.i

  5. looooooool

    big ass bytch sitting on a n1gga’s neck like a scale bytch better way herself
    now the n1gga is walking around with neck brace on

  6. Luda is having the worse week ever. Delta claims he left his 14 year daughter alone at Atlanta Hartsfield Airport for 4 hrs. Delta rules is that $100 fee is to be paid for stewardess to accompany minors. after being called, he came back to airport, gave Delta staff an earful and left with his child, instead of just paying the fee for his child to fly to NY to be with her mother, he spend way more than that flying Eudoxie on private yachts & whatnot, such a doting father.

    • Agreed. And doesn’t he have some new baby mama drama with the birth of his daughter by some Thot?????

    • She is alright and waited in the first class lounge with frequent flyers. Secured wifi, free drinks food and well dressed articulate business travelers with Miles & More perks. Now if she were waiting with the regular folks at the terminal gates I would call CPS. Hell I wouldn’t do that as an adult.

  7. A real baller wudda flew with his kid turned around and flew back. He spends more on champagne for random hoes.

  8. WELP THERE IT IS….LMAO Luda look frail ass a mutherf*cker my 9 year old could break that shit up…

  9. Surprised that Luda Juice took time out from eating cock sandwiches to post that pic.

  10. Same Pac man shooting up the club with Joseline Hernandez?
    Same Pac man from WVU, trying to rap and wrestle?
    Ok. Stop crying. This is funny.

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