Katt Williams Clears Up Drug Rumors, Challenges Kevin Hart to a Battle


    katt williams kevin hart beef

    Katt Williams isn’t letting up on his beef with Kevin Hart. Just days after he called Kevin a puppet who took it up the azz to get movie roles, now Katt is challenging his fellow comedian to a battle!

    In a video recording, Katt addresses everything regarding his recent arrest, letting it be known he hit the store clerk after the man called him a nicca!

    Katt also put the drug rumors to rest, and called out Big Tigger for saying Katt was on that stuff. Katt says he doesn’t touch drugs, and he has never been arrested for any drug-related charges.

    At the end of the video message, Katt then battles Kevin to a $5 million comedy battle in Philly.

    Who you got in this battle? Katt or Kevin?

    Peep the video:


    1. Okay question – does the fact that you have no drug arrests mean you didn't get caught on tape in Jammie's in a hotel lobby strung the f*ck out? We c u katt

    2. Katt is the real king of comedy, not Kevin Hart's fake ass. For the past 4 years we've been forced to see him do his mediocre brand of comedy & that little turd is everywhere, TV, movies, award shows, Internet etc he's just not funny!

    3. Both of these brothas are funny, to each his own,..
      I swear it would be a sell out show if they did a something together.. like the Kings Of Comedy did. Just put you egos aside for a minute and make this money..

      But I don't know their life' there may be something deep rooted that keeps them at war.. O'well it's a shame' such good talent.


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